Author: Lisa Robbin Young

Key Steps You Need to Take to Make Your Business Better This Year

Making your business better is one of the key things that you need to be getting right when it comes to improving your success. There are so many ideas that play a role in helping to improve and enhance this process, and you need to focus on the best ways of being able to achieve […]

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How To Make Life Simpler For Your Customers

Every manager or owner should look for the best ways to improve your business efficiency, but it should not finish within the office and with your customers. In addition, making your customers’ lives easier can significantly boost your company’s fortunes and help it increase its reputation within your industry. The good news is that there […]

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Diversity In The Workplace Matters. Here's why...

Pexels. CCO Licensed. Workplace diversity isn’t just about meeting a quota. Hiring employees from a range of different backgrounds can have many benefits for your company. Below are a few reasons why diversity matters within your workforce. Diversity helps creativity to thrive Diversity is great for encouraging different ideas. While a team of young, white, […]

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How to improve your business efficiency

Photo by fauxels from Pexels There are many aspects to running a business. From operations to marketing (and everything in between), it’s not always easy. Business owners must be able to adapt to new challenges and ways of doing things including ways to make the company more efficient. Most entrepreneurs know that you'll have your […]

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Is it Really Imposter Syndrome or Something Else?

[Creative Freedom S7E3] A long-time friend of mine came to visit Nashville not long ago. He paid me a compliment or two, as he often does, and I poo-pooed nearly all of it. Later, when we were at lunch with my family, he turned to my husband and asked: “How does she not see how […]

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Why Customer Interaction Is Important: Building Multi-Touchpoint Engagement

How many touches does it take for your audience to convert?  According to some research, it takes on average 8 touchpoints from the initial interest to the full commitment to purchasing. Some research suggests it's as many as 22 "touches"! In other words, most leads will need to interact with your company's marketing content at […]

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4 Myths from Online Business Gurus: How to do Business Outside of the Box

Blueprints and cookie-cutter concepts can only take you so far. Heck, we use them when we build business models. We start with the same framework for every person we work with. But, like a good builder, we don’t stop at the blueprint. That’s the what. We also need the “how”. We take that model and help them see how to implement it in ways that work for them.

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How to create a Safe and Positive Work Environment for Employees

Your support team is a key ingredient in a growing business. Without them, little to nothing would get done. That's why creating a safe and positive work environment for your team is so important - whether they are employees, contractors, or volunteers in your organization. This will not only make them more productive, but it […]

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2 Ways to Increase Your Brand Visibility Through Community

It's finally Season 7! It has been a long road to get here, and I’m so excited to be digging into the new content this season - all around helping you overcome the passed over paradox and step more confidently into your Great Work. To Be that star in your market, instead of a best-kept secret.

This episode is about building a community network and finding the right moments and opportunities to tap into those communities for business growth and visibility.

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4 Ways to Cultivate A Teamwork Culture

Every manager should look for solutions to improve their leadership skills to help push their team to new heights. However, not even the finest manager in the world will achieve their goals if they do not know how to cultivate a teamwork culture in their business. With so many contrasting personalities and skills, this can […]

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