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Five Great Tips To Promote Your Business On The Road At Events & Conferences

As a business, promotion is essential and that promotion isn’t just confined to the online world and locally. When businesses travel to conferences and events, it’s an opportunity to market the business to a wider market. 

Taking full advantage of these occasions is important as a business, whether it’s a new company or it’s existed for decades.

With a new year to tackle as a business, here are some tips to help promote your business on the road at events and conferences.

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Create a buzz about your stand 

In order to get your business on the lips of everyone at the conference or event, it’s good to create a buzz. Wherever your stand is placed, it’s all about how you create excitement with your stand. This could be by giving out flyers or being more vocal when it comes to presentations and drawing attention from passersby.

Creating that excitement is something that can do wonders for any business looking to generate customers/clients during these events and conferences.

Utilize both small and big branding opportunities

Any opportunity to promote your brand is going to be useful so make use of this in different ways. From television screens that have a presentation repeated constantly to small vinyl stickers that you can hand out to event guests with your brand on them. 

The more noise you can make when it comes to these events the better. It’s certainly useful to make use of any opportunities that you can in order to promote the business further.

Give out freebies

Freebies. Who doesn’t love a good freebie? A freebie can go a long way when it comes to convincing someone to buy something from your stand or simply raising awareness of your brand the next time they come across you.

Look at what freebies or samples you can provide to those who are attending the event. A little really does go a long way in converting leads to customers.

Provide a sign-up form to collect data

To help with garnering interest in your company and for building that all-important client base, consider providing a sign-up form. This is helpful when it comes to collecting data and is the standard for many businesses to use when setting up at a business event or conference.

While paper sign-up forms are easy to do, it might be worth adapting to digital forms to make it easier to process when it comes to collating it all after the event and inputting it into your database.

Be active on the event’s social media feeds

Most conferences and events nowadays will have their own dedicated feeds on social media. Try to get on these as often as you can and be active with your own social media accounts too. It’s important to show a willingness to support and engage with those who might be attending or watching the event closely from afar.

Promoting your business at events and conferences is an absolute must, so make sure you’re doing it properly.

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