Spotlight Sessions: Module 2 - Your Brand Story

Module Two Overview


Part One: Fear is Good


Part Two: The Golden Circle & Missing Link


Part Three: Collecting The Stories


Part Four: Threads and "Truth" vs. "truth"


Part Five: The Who & Why of Your Brand Story

toolboxModule Two Toolbox

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  1. Your Backstory
  2. What Lights You Up?
  3. Why/Not
  4. Golden Circle Slides (powerpoint)
  5. My Eulogy
  6. Brand Archetypes Worksheet
  7. Client Interview
  8. The Value You Bring
  9. What Challenges Me
  10. Your TED Presentation
  11. 30 hrs/10,000 hrs
  12. Essential Why "Brand Story" Statement

Please note: Archetypes are meant as samples, you may develop your own "hybrid" archetype for your brand. Trust your own intuition on this.

Additional Resources

  1. Inner Critic To Inner Ally - Coming Soon
  2. Cheerios Commercial
  3. Start With Why on Amazon
  4. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People on Amazon
  5. Story by Robert McKee on Amazon
  6. StoryBranding on Amazon
  7. Archetype in Branding card deck on Amazon
  8. Brand Archetypes List (Zoyo Branding)
  9. Understanding Archetypes in Brand Creation
  10. Brand Archetypes "cards"
  11. Jonathan Fields
  12. The TED Rules
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