Lisa Robbin Young

Spotlight Sessions: Module 1 - Know Thyself

Module One Overview


Part One: Five Key Areas


Part Two: Personal Assessments


Part Three: Values & Beliefs


Part Four: Life Visioning

A Quick Note About Passion


Part Five: Your Competitive Advantage

toolboxModule One Toolbox


  1. Gallup's Strengths Finder 2.0    (best price for code) | (use code)
  2. Predictable Success Leadership Style (Free)
  3. Archetypes (Free)
  4. Fascination Advantage
  5. MBTI (Free)
  6. Enneagram (Free & Paid)


  1. My Best Self
  2. My T.A.G.S.
  3. Life Visioning
  4. Core Desired Emotions [Worksheet] | [Frameable]
  5. More of This/Less of That
  6. Your Competitive Advantage

Audio Exercises

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  1. Life Visioning
    [Music: Fluidscape by Kevin MacLeod]
  2. Core Desired Emotions
    [Music: Meditation Impromptu #3 by Kevin MacLeod]
  3. Reclaim Yourself
    [Music: There Is Romance by Kevin MacLeod]

Additional Resources

  1. Transform Your T.A.G.S. Into Your Money Sweet Spot
  2. Unleash Your Own Brand Of Crazy
  3. The Pretender, The Coward, The True Self
  4. 3 Ways To Attract Your Most Authentic Community
  5. Passion & Enthusiasm
  6. More Of This, Less Of That
  7. How To Succeed In Business In 12 Easy Steps
  8. The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte
  9. Life Visioning on Amazon
  10. The Energy of Money on Amazon
  11. Fascinate on Amazon