Lisa Robbin Young

Season 5 Bonus Materials

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Below, you'll find links to all the bonus content from each episode, in reverse chronological order from the first date of broadcast.

If you have difficulty accessing any of the content, please contact us.


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S5E10: Epic Content Creation Made Easy

Episode Page | Episode Script

S5E9: How To Decide Which Ideas to Pursue First

Episode Page | Episode Script

S5E8: How To Nail Your Niche

Episode Page | Episode Script | 5-Whys Worksheet

S5E7: Pricing Your Work

Episode page | Episode Script

Business Models

S5E6: Business Models For Creative Entrepreneurs

Episode page | Episode Script 

S5E5: Hard Truth About Passive Income

Episode page | Episode Script | Passive Income Planner

S5E4: How to Build a Loyal Following for Your Creative Business

Episode page | Episode Script | Find Your Audience

S5E3: How to Build Your Credibility as a Creative Entrepreneur

Episode PageEpisode Script | Guide to Great Testimonials

S5E2: Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Coach

Episode page | Episode Script | Before You Hire A Coach (PDF)

S5E1: How to Brand Yourself as a Creative Entrepreneur

Episode page | Episode Script | Branding Questions (PDF)