Lisa Robbin Young

How to build a loyal following for your creative business (with L.O.V.E.)

[Creative Freedom S5E4]

Jeffrey Gitomer said "Customer satisfaction is worthless... do you want your wife to be satisfied or loyal?"

It's a little crude, but the point is well taken. As a creative entrepreneur, having a loyal following means you've got Raving Fans who love your work, support you financially, and you can make great money doing what you love. If they're not loyal, they'll drop you like a hot rock as soon as someone new hits the scene.

So how do you build customer loyalty?


It's an acronym for the 4 actions that draw your audience closer and help you build meaningful, loyal relationships with them.

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Podcast Show Notes

  • 2:30 The best way to stimulate the Know, Like, and Trust factor with your audience
  • 7:33 Why your audience will say one thing publicly and do the opposite.
  • 9:11 The simple approach one recording artist used to crowdsource more than one hot-selling record.
  • 13:50 Why I think surveys are a waste of time for creatives.
  • 15:24 An example of how I used my social media "listening station" to create engaging content for my audience.
  • 18:10 How being a "creature of comparison" can be helpful (and hurtful) to your business.
  • 23:34 How one artist created a line of potential buyers for a collage before it was ready for sale.

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