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The 6-figure Deception [Creative Freedom S4E1]

Hoo-rah! We're FINALLY back! Season 4 is underway, and we've got a slew of great episodes lined up. We kick off the season with a look at the 6-Figure deception, what it is, including real-life examples. I also talk about the differences between the 6-Figure Illusion and the 6-Figure Distinction, so you can understand how […]

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Do You Really Need a Customer Avatar?

I am a sucker for procedural dramas. Criminal Minds and NCIS are staples in my late-night viewing. My husband and I have sort of a "silent bet" running on each episode. The first one of us to figure out "whodunnit" gets bragging rights for the night. Usually, it's me. Sometimes I get it wrong, which […]

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My 4-Step Plan to Achieve More and Work Less

[Creative Freedom S1E10] At the beginning of every year, I sit down with my Dreamblazing program and set my goals - then I review them each quarter. But they also say that "life happens every 6 months" - and here we are at the middle of the year. It's a great time to make sure […]

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