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Welcome to the journey!

On the journey to build a Noble Empire and live an inspired life, everyone hits a few bumps in the road. As a musician and coach, I feel my own share of potholes, too. Here are a few of my most popular posts to get (or keep) you going:

The Dream Owner's Creed



Download your copy of the Dream Owner's Creed now.


Inscriptions from The Secret Watch

Inscriptions from The Secret Watch

Download your copy of all 60 inscriptions from my best-selling book, The Secret Watch.

The Best of "The Convo"

A web series featuring ideas, tools, and strategies for entrepreneurs - sometimes with special guests.

Dealing With Toxic Family Relationships - for those times when you've got people you want to love, but they sure make it hard on your dreams.

Dream Scale Shame - Whether your dream is "big" or "small" doesn't matter. What matters is that you honor it. When you've got people around you dreaming in a different scale than you, that can be a problem. This video can help.

Fierce Loyalty Model Explained - Part of a three-part interview with Sarah Robinson where she breaks down each component of her Fierce Loyalty model.

Prayer, Excellence and Naysayers - A prayer for those of you that specifically believe you were called to do BIG things in the world.

Music & Videos

In 2013, I set out to record 300 songs of various genres. These are the most popular rehearsal videos to date:

Cruella De Vil - a jazzy version from the live action rendition of "101 Dalmatians".

He Will Carry Me - A prayer for peace and a reminder that you'll never walk alone.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You - A surprisingly popular video on my YouTube Channel - proof that you don't need to do anything fancy, just be yourself.

I Will Survive - I got all dressed up for this one. Proof that when you have fun, other people will pay attention and enjoy themselves, too.

You can download my latest free song here. Consider it my gift for your willingness to come on this journey!


Empire-Building Resources

You may be wondering "what exactly is a 'Noble Empire'?" These resources will help you get clarity on who I am and what I believe, as well as how I can help you.

The Manifesto of a Noble Empire

What IS A Noble Empire? - includes some free downloadables to inspire you.


As ALWAYS, I'm here to help...

Got a question, need some support? Something not working the way it's supposed to? Service is one of the Five Tenets of a Noble Empire. Let me know how I can help. Shoot an email to info @ Lisa Robbin and we'll get you settled in. Or ringle my jingle: 810-391-9648 is the fastest way to speak to a human being (usually me).