Lisa Robbin Young

The Manifesto of a Noble Empire

(original music: "What Love Can Do" performed by Lisa Robbin Young)

The Manifesto of a Noble Empire

The scale of your empire is not as important as the people within it.
Prosperity comes from understanding enoughness.

Your empire is built by the hands of many, in service, not servitude.
Life is meant to be experienced. Sometimes it's hard, and it's always worth it.
Believe in the possibilities of people.

Fear is a poison. Faith is the antidote.

Inspire others, and as you do, you'll inspire yourself.
Artistry sways emotion. It matters not what your art is.
Excuses only slow you down. You don't have time for excuses, just results.
Creation doesn't happen in a vacuum.

You're not here to play it safe. You're here to make an impact.

Your age and experiences are a blessing and advantage to your great work.
Living in your passion makes life easier to live.
Your great work is an act of loving service to your empire.

Never underestimate the power of love.

Curiosity, passion, and enthusiasm always win.
Do your very best, then release the outcome.
Without failure, you'll never learn. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do your homework.

No one said you have to do it by yourself.

It is good to protect the light that shines within, but light grows stronger when it's shared.
Passion, principles, and profits.
Speak from your True Voice.

Faith. Family. Fitness. Fortune. Freedom.
These are the 5 Key Areas of Success,
and they are equally important.

You are made for this moment and the world needs you. Right now.
This is what it means to build a Noble Empire and to live and inspired life.