Lisa Robbin Young

Get Your Year In Gear: Day Two - Faith

What Increases Your Faith?

That's the crux of today's message. Your definition may be different than others around you. It's YOUR definitions that matter most in this planning process. And if you're working with someone else, it's important for you both to get on the same page with your definitions.

What if it were up to you to do something revolutionary in the world, but you lacked the faith in yourself to move forward? We would all be robbed of your great work in the world. Today's activities have you focused on selecting a goal for the next 12 months that will increase your faith as you define it.

Today’s total time commitment: approximately 49 minutes

Watch today’s video (duration: 10:49):


Download & Complete Day 2 Worksheets (Approximately 35 minutes)

Download Day 2 MP3 recording of the video (content is the same as the video)

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