Lisa Robbin Young

Get Your Year In Gear: Day One

Congratulations and Welcome!

The "Get Your Year In Gear" program is designed to help you get immense clarity on what really matters in the next 12 months. Starting today, and for the next 7 days, you'll be delving deep into the Five Key Areas of Success, and getting more clarity around how you want to shape your life and great work for the year ahead. Today is all about mindset, commitments, and celebrating where you've already been.

Today's total time commitment: approximately 37 minutes

Watch today's video (duration: 11:11):

Download Day 1 Worksheets (Approximately 20 minutes)

Download Day One MP3 recording of the video (content is the same as the video)


If you prefer to work through the materials at an accelerated pace, here is the content from Day One of the LIVE Virtual Workshop held in November.

Morning Session (Day 1 & 2)

Afternoon Session (Days 3-5)

Evening Q&A Session (Low-Res)


Morning Session Day 2

Afternoon Session Day 2

Coming Soon

Evening Q&A Session (Low-Res)