Lisa Robbin Young

Get Your Year In Gear: Day Seven - Your Master Plan

Putting It All Together

Now that you've completed all the "pre-planning", today you'll put all those goals into perspective, prioritize them, and begin laying out your annual and 90-Day action plans. Woo hoo! Celebrate! You've come a long way in 7 days!

Today’s total time commitment: approximately 35 minutes

Watch today’s video (duration: 10:04):

Download the Day 7 Worksheets (Approximately 15 minutes)

Download a COMPLETE copy of the workbook (Day 1-7)

Download the Tracking Calendar (PDF) | Customizable Tracking Calendar (Open Office) | Checklist Calendar Excel

Planning Tool Links: Workflowy | Freemind | Simpleology | Google Calendar

Download Day 7 MP3 recording of the video (content is the same as the video)

Please Complete the Day Seven Feedback Form below (approximately 10 minutes):

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