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Want to get advance access to my next disc and behind-the-scenes updates of the entire 300 songs project - plus surprise bonuses along the way?

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What's a sponsor?

Hundreds of years ago, patrons of the arts provided support to musicians in a variety of ways: providing a venue for performances, commissioning works, connecting artists to other benefactors, and through financial support. In the modern era, we hear a lot of talk about sponsorship, which is just another fancy way of saying you are a patron.

I'm offering you the opportunity to pre-order my next album and help us cover the costs of creating it. Our last project, The Fine Line, sold out the first print run before the official release date. My next project looks to be just as popular, so sponsoring means you'll already have your copy when other people are standing in line waiting for the album to go on sale!

What kind of costs?

Things like:

  • Hiring musicians
  • Studio recording time
  • Audio editing & mastering
  • Photographer & stylist for the photo shoot
  • Music video production & direction
  • Location fees
  • Graphic design
  • Disc production
  • Royalty research and ROYALTY PAYMENTS for cover tunes.

Our next project is slated for release in early 2017, but YOUR help makes it go a LOT faster! Plus, you'll get a behind-the-scenes look at what it really takes to put together a project like this!

LRYHeadshot15If you're interested in providing your support for the work I do, there are several ways you can be a patron:

1. Pray. This is not a "throw-away" request! We can use all the prayers and positive energy we can get!

2. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and share our videos.

3. Get on my mailing list and be part of our Rising Tide community. Then invite your friends and colleagues to do the same.

4. Host an event and invite me to speak or perform. I'm planning a summer house concert tour in 2016. Here's my speaker page to learn more.

5. Invest in one of our levels of Sponsorship. Think of it like a Kickstarter campaign. Your contribution (at any level) helps us complete the album project and includes access to all the behind the scenes details about the current album project for a full year, as well as advance notice on upcoming events, show tickets and more. Each level of sponsorship comes with its own perks as follows:

Become one of our Sponsors

live may2014 5Level 1: Pre-order the album - $25

  • Digital download in WAV and MP3 format
  • A signed CD mailed to your door (upon completion)

Level 2: For your $50 contribution you'll receive:

  • Everything at Level 1 PLUS
  • An exclusive digital download each month of a song from the 300 songs project (12 songs NOT on the album!)

Level 3: For your $100 contribution you will receive:

  • All of Level 2 plus
  • A copy of either "The Secret Watch" or "The Fine Line" - your choice!
  •  Your name listed on my website’s Patron Page

live may2014 3Level 4: For your $500 contribution you will receive:

  • All of Level 3 plus
  • A "special request" recording of your choice (pick a song you'd like me to sing for the 300 songs project. We'll record it and I'll send you a copy!)

Level 5: For your $1,000 contribution you will receive:

  • All of Level 4 plus
  • Your graphic or hyperlink listed as a Sponsor on my website for a year (link or artwork must be approved and comply with content guidelines)

Level 6: For your $2,500 contribution you will receive:

  • All of Level 5 PLUS
  • Your name listed in the liner notes of my next album
  • A private 30 minute virtual concert that includes your song (or a private coaching session, if that's your preference)

Level 7: For your support of $5,000 (ONLY 3 AVAILABLE), you will receive:

  • All of Level 6 PLUS
  • I'll write a song for you, based on your story or for a special event. It will become part of the 300 songs project.
  • Special "honorary producer" credit in the liner notes of my next album.

Level 8: For your support of $10,000 (COMING SOON!), you will receive:

  • All of Level 7 PLUS
  • A special performance that includes your song in a live keynote/ concert for the group/event of your choice anywhere in mainland USA

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Please Choose Your Sponsorship Level:

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Please contact us directly if you'd like to send a check. You can upgrade or continue your sponsorship for an additional period at any time. Sponsorships are considered non-refundable and may not be tax-deductible. Please consult your tax professional for more details.