Lisa Robbin Young

The Fine Line

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My third album is a nod to Don Henley's quote "It's a fine line between the American Dream and the American Nightmare." Featuring songs that walk the line  between joy and pain, light and dark, these are tunes that could really go either way, depending on your interpretation of the lyrics.

What songs are going to be on the new album? Here's the final track list:

  • "Dream On" - A classically inspired version of the Aerosmith hit (watch rehearsal video)
  • "Photoshop Me" - A straightforward bluesy tune.  One of 2 originals on this disc (here's a live version)
  • "Made To Love" - Christian rapper TobyMac take a detour into cool jazz (rehearsal vid)
  • "Show Me The Way" - a sentimental ballad from Styx (footage from our last show)
  • "Straight-Up" - a bouncy jazz track like nothing Paula Abdul ever sang
  • "All of Me"  - a true-to-the-original cover of this soulful, bluesy ballad
  • "Why Can't This Be Love" - if Van Halen were a woman at 1950's Motown.
  • "I Can't Tell You Why" - a stripped-down re-make of the Eagle's classic
  • "Bad Medicine" - a bouncy New Orleans Jazz cover of Bon Jovi's rock anthem
  • "Addicted To You" - Avicii's dance-pop takes a melancholy music-box turn
  • "Less is More" - a Ragtime cover of Joss Stone's hit (watch the rehearsal video here)
  • "Never Stop" - the soft ballad by SafetySuit
  • "Cover Me" - if Bruce Springsteen ever wants to tango, we've got his number
  • "Little Clownz" Robert Downey, Jr.'s attempt at a jazz-pop tune (What? You didn't know Iron Man writes music?)
  • "What Love Can Do" - piano and vocal. Simple, clean and inspiring. The final original track on the disc. (here's a live version)

In all, 15 tracks, including 2 original tunes plus cover tunes set in my signature "pop-infused jazz and blues" style. 

It's just me on vocals, and Des on keys, and it's got that "almost live" quality that keeps it fresh.

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