Lisa Robbin Young

Great Ways to Enhance the Customer Experience

The customer experience is the name given to the customers' perceptions and feelings when they interact with a business. This is the total effect of the interactions that they have gone through, from using the website to speaking to the sales agent and receiving the parcel through the door. It is a broad range of things that constitute the customer experience. If your aim is to broaden your customer base or continue to get more of the same type of customer, then you need to focus on the customer experience. Here are a few ways you can enhance your customer experience and gain more customers.


Your Customer's Needs

You need to start putting yourself in your customer's shoes. Instead of viewing your products and services through your own business lens, you need to start viewing your brand as if you were your customer. Are you connecting with your customer? Do you solve a need in your customer's life? What is your understanding of the problems in your customer's life that your products and services are aimed at solving? Have you looked at your competitors and looked at how they position themselves in relation to these points? If you know what your customer's needs are, then you can start mapping out a customer journey with that as your focus point.

Think Deeply About Your Content

The customer experience relies on the content you produce. Content, like social media posts, are able to give you valuable data about how your custom behaves. It can show you which images and key messages resonate the most. The more you know about how your customer connects with your content, the better you will be able to use it for your specific aims. By analyzing the marketing metrics on your content, you will develop a great understanding of the ROI (return on investment) for each marketing channel with a view to focusing on the ones that work best. The idea is to develop better content on all the channels you actually need. 

What Value Do You Offer

You need to focus on the value you offer your customers. It is important to remember that for the majority of customers, as high as two-thirds, the customer experience is more important than the price. So instead of trying to produce as much as possible, you should slow down and develop a better experience. You need to consider creating content that connects with your customer emotionally utilizing the value you are supplying. In a way to connect with them.  A good brand has the power to elicit an emotional response in a customer by tapping into their desires. At every step along the way, you need to add value; even consider music for waiting room and the materials you use for your packaging. Everything needs to add value.


The customer experience is a way of seducing the customer into using you more often. You need a multipronged approach to dealing with this. If you focus on the customer's needs and the value you are offering their lives and produce high-quality content which highlights these points, you will produce a much better customer experience.

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