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Increasing Your Brand's Visibility: How to Grow Brand Awareness as a Creative Entrepreneur

[Creative Freedom S6E6]

This week we’re going to focus on brand visibility, but not until I tell you a story about Marvin the rooster. That’s right, a neighbor’s stray rooster is going to teach the importance of brand visibility for your company.

After the recent storms in Mississippi, Marvin has been seen strolling up and down our quiet neighborhood street, stopping traffic, blocking our driveway, and waking me up with his obnoxious crowing at 3am every day this week.

I always know where he is because he’s got an unmistakable sound. There’s another rooster somewhere else in the neighborhood who doesn’t crow nearly as often, and I can tell them apart.

Yes, Marvin has branded himself, and it feels like he is EVERYWHERE in my life right now. I can’t get away from him. Even when I chase him off, he’s right back a few hours later.

So... how do we grow brand awareness as a creative entrepreneur? It’s all about showing up consistently to your target audience and having a great logo that draws people in and creates an impact.

As I mentioned in my last episode, consistency and frequency are not always the same thing. No, you can’t just post one youtube video and call it a day - but you don’t have to post multiple times a day either. 

It really boils down to finding a rhythm you can commit to for a while, mapping out your visibility strategy - and yes, we’ve got a downloadable in the Rising Tide Learning Library to help you with that.

This episode walks you through finding a rhythm you can commit to for a while and mapping out your visibility strategy.

Check out the show to get started.

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Podcast Show Notes

Inside this episode, we're talking about:

  • How to grow brand awareness as a creative entrepreneur.
  • Developing a visibility strategy.
  • Why you should be networking and collaborating with colleagues that have similar audiences.

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