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Introducing the NEW Rising Tide Community: Get Education, Accountability, and Support to Grow Your Business

For nearly 20 years, I've been leading online workshops, teleclasses, and other digital events both inside and outside my A-Club community. I made the decision years ago to host the community piece on Facebook, while the training content lived inside my website inside our Rising Tide Learning Library.

But the last couple of years have shown that things aren't working. We've seen our clients fleeing Facebook with the quickness and our website has had several content security issues that left me pulling my hair out.

It was *finally* time for a change!

The decision to move was not an easy one. It took a couple of years of testing, trying platforms, and a bunch of bumps in the road to get here. Here, I'm sharing some of my lessons learned and the reasons why we're making these changes, along with what to expect once we fully changeover.

My hope is that this level of transparency helps YOU as you're making decisions about how your business needs to run to work for how you're wired to work.

It began at the Cashflow Creator workshop.

A couple of years ago, when I first launched the Cashflow Creator workshop, I ran my own business through the same process I teach my clients. I got clear that things were starting to break down, but I didn't have immediate clarity on how to fix them. The Incubator had become our primary income driver, and that was never supposed to be the plan. It was always meant to be subsidized by the other income of the business.

Then, I had surgery in the summer of 2021... and again in the fall of 2022. There were too many things I wanted to be doing that were getting pushed aside to put out fires. Simply put, I wasn't working for how I was wired to work. I wasn't taking my own advice.

So I sat with my homework from the workshop and re-designed how everything needed to look and flow in order to better fit how I'm wired to work.

I couldn't just change everything overnight. But I was able to map it all out and create a new offer stack that I could star rolling out this year. I shared that map at this year's Customer Journey workshop. One of the first steps was to merge A-Club and the Rising Tide into one program.

We're Putting Everything In One Place

We started the community on Facebook because that's where everyone was, quite frankly. Almost every one of my clients was already hanging out there, and the ones who weren't there didn't want the social/community aspect in the first place.

I tried moving us off facebook several times over the years, but everyone wanted to be where they were already at.

That was fine-ish for community connection, but Facebook is a lousy place to host any training. Don't get me wrong - if you're running a short term event, like a challenge, it can still work, but it's not ideal for hosting content on a long-term basis.

Videos got buried in the group feed, nothing was really easy to find, and people outside the community couldn't access the training without being added to the facebook group - which could impact the safety and connectedness of the established group. That forced the decision to host all the training inside my website.

But that came with a different set of issues. One of them was content security. We started with Wishlist Member (cumbersome), and then integrated LearnDash (didn't accept recurring payments). We cobbled together a solution, but over time, it became a challenge to keep updated. The site went down because of a security issue with a plug in, and it's never been the same since.

Another issue was useage. The free library was seeing a little bit of useage - mostly from fans of the show. They were accessing the bonus downloadables from our episodes, and tapping into a little of the free training. But the courses we'd spent so much time creating were not being fully utilized, and sales were not happening as we'd expected.

On one hand, that's not my problem, because people will use what they're going to use, and ignore the rest.

But on the other it IS my problem if clients aren't using the resources effectively and aren't getting the results they want because the content isn't delivered in a format that works for them.

In talking with clients, most wanted real-time help, or the ability to ask questions without having to find a contact form, draft an email, or whatever. Neruodivergent folks will sometimes "forget what they came in here for" and then the question never gets answered.

So, we've found a platform that allows us to have conversations more fluidly, put all the training content in one place, and provide a community of accountability for everyone!

I've seen a lot of communities come and go... heck, I've left a few myself. Especially if I went looking for help and got crickets... or a bunch of sales pitches instead of genuine help for my issue. The other thing I've seen is communities that rely heavily on you being in the room LIVE all the dang time.

The folks I work with often need something more portable and digestable - because we've got shit to do and don't have time to wait around!

That doesn't mean you don't want some community support, it's just that you need it on YOUR terms.

I've got your back!

I'm excited to introduce you to the NEW Rising Tide community!

What's inside the Rising Tide community?

We've poured countless hours into creating this online space inside Heartbeat, so that you can access everything with ease from any device. It's an on-the-go community of like-minded entrepreneurs, committed to growing their businesses, making a difference in the world, and having fun along the way.

If you're tired of trying to figure out everything on your own and want to be part of a community that not only educates you but also holds you accountable and provides support to help you achieve your business goals, then, the Rising Tide community is for you!

If you've already been part of our free community, you'll know that we've got a free learning library as well as all the bonus downloadables from the Creative Freedom show in there. That's not going away. You can register for the FREE level of our community at any time.

This month, we're ADDING a new tier of paid membership that includes access to all of my digital training programs - including the new Cashflow Creator Workshop we just completed, the Customer Journey and Marketing Plan workshops, content creation sprints, live quarterly planning workshops, and more programs coming later this year, like a comprehensive Sales and Marketing training based on the Fix This Next methodology!

Plus, you'll get to connect with a community of fellow entrepreneurs who share your values and aspirations. You'll have a safe space to ask questions, get feedback, and share your wins and challenges.

No more searching for the latest business growth strategies, no more feeling isolated and alone in your business journey. With the new Rising Tide Community, you'll have on-the-go access to entrepreneurs who share your values and are committed to supporting each other's growth.

A community where you belong

This was huge for me. I've been in plenty of online groups and so-called communities over the years where it felt like I was either being pitched every other day and couldn't really get the help I was looking for.

Not here.

While I can't promise we can answer every question or solve every problem, I can promise that we're here to support and encourage you on your journey. I know how it feels when you post gets crickets, so I'm committed to helping you find answers that actually work for your situation. In my community, I try to know everyone by name, because it's important to me that you feel safe in our space and that you know you belong here.

Our community is designed for interactivity, but you don't have to stay glued to your device - that's not healthy for your business! Chat with other members in real time or as it fits your schedule. Ask questions, get feedback. Show up and shine so we can celebrate you. No judgement, no drama. Just a safe space to practice showing up as the business owner you're becoming and shining like the star you already are!

Be seen. Be supported. Be encouraged.

Here's what you can expect as a member of the paid Rising Tide Community:

  • All the content available at the free tier.
  • Additional live and on-demand training like the Marketing Plan Workshop, Content Creation Sprints, Customer Journey Workshop, and more.
  • Private Community: You'll get access to a private, members-only community where you can connect with other entrepreneurs, share your wins and challenges, and get feedback.
  • Live Quarterly planning workshops delivered in bite-sized sessions to make it easy to get your planning done and dusted!
  • A ticket to the NEW Creative Freedom Live virtual event this fall
  • Quarterly Coaching: You and me, one-on-one each quarter, looking at your business. When you invest in annual membership, you'll get a bonus 1-hour coaching session with me (valued at $1,000).

Plus, with Lisa's guidance and support, you'll learn how to:

  • Build a sustainable and profitable business model that works for you
  • Identify better clients who value your work and are willing to pay top dollar for it
  • Determine what makes you unique, so you can stand out from your competition
  • Create irresistible offers that have the right clients saying "HELL YES!"
  • Nail your pricing strategy
  • Streamline your business operations to free up time and reduce stress
  • Develop a clear vision and strategy for the future of your business

If you're serious about taking your business to the next level, then this is the community for you. Don't wait - join now and start getting the education, accountability, and support you need to grow your business and achieve your goals!

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