Lisa Robbin Young

How to strengthen customer relationships in your creative business

Marketing noise is on the rise. It is harder to be seen and heard than ever before. At least, in some ways. The truth is that your existing customers, fans, and subscribers are still your best source of new business - that is, if your relationship is strong enough. If they're not thinking of you when they're ready to buy, it's time to re-think how you're connecting and building relationships with them. Here are a few tips to prime the pump:

Meet them where they are - consistently

Some of your clients may be very active on social media, while others only connect with you via email. I have one client who prefers texting to anything else. It's important for you to know what your clients like and find the solution that works for you and them. If you have customers who spend their entire lives on social media, why would you waste your efforts in contacting them over the telephone? If you hate social media, however, maybe the solution is to hire help to navigate social or find an audience that hates social as much as you do and work only with them. For years, marketing legend Dan Kennedy only used direct mail marketing to reach his audience. He built his empire sending paper newsletters in the mail. Choose one or two methods of communication, make them as simple as possible, and stay consistent in your outreach.

Welcome and nurture new customers

This is a place where I've fallen down a LOT over the years - and it's something we're working to improve on a company-wide basis. When a new subscriber joins your email list, or a new purchase is made, it's not only a great time to offer an upsell (like so many marketing gurus tell you), but it's also a great time to start connecting on a deeper level. Welcome your new buyers or subscribers with a "nurture sequence" to hep them ease into your world. Let them have an opportunity to look deeper at who you are, what you're about, and the world you're trying to create through your Great Work. This not only helps them get to know you and build that Know, Like, and Trust factor, it also keeps you top of mind because they're seeing you show up in their world on a consistent basis.

Need support to develop a winning nurture sequence? There are loads of resources inside the Rising Tide Learning Library to help you find and attract your right audience.

Practice Ruthless Honesty

Ruthless honesty boils down to telling the truth in love - including owning up to your mistakes. Nobody expects you to be perfect anymore. I mean, sure, it would be nice, but more important than perfection is being trustworthy. If your audience doesn't trust what you say, why would they give you their money?

When creative entrepreneurs start a business, they often believe they have something the world needs. But a healthy business is more than having a good product or service. Ultimately, it's about relationships - in SO many ways! Stronger bonds with your customers is only one relationship - and one of the most fundamental necessities of being in business.

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