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New for 2020: Creative Freedom Incubator LEVELS are here!

[The Creative Freedom Incubator is now open for enrollment! This year we're offering 3 different levels to meet you where you're at in your business journey.]

Once upon a time, back in the olden days of the Internet - when animated gifs took FOREVER to load and emojis were made from text - I really struggled to grow my business. Most of what I learned was through trial and error. There certainly weren't many books at the library on the topic of growing an online business!

There were only a few places you could go online to learn about building an internet business and some of them were shady as hell. You'd pay a hundred bucks for a third generation, mostly illegible, photocopy of someone's hand-written notes from some guru's workshop and you were THRILLED.

(In my best grumpy old man voice) Back in my day, you paid through the nose and you LIKED it! 

Internet gurus have spent decades setting up this house of cards: charge premium prices for lackluster offers and make it hard for you to return your purchase. Then, blame YOU when the program didn't get you the results you wanted.


I made a lot of mistakes over the years, invested with a lot of so-called experts for programs that failed to deliver. It irritated me. I got burned, and it pissed me off...especially when they said it was my fault for not doing enough. For not hustling hard enough. Because I didn't want it bad enough.

Can you relate?

I've been burned before, and I don't want that to happen to you!

As I grew my coaching practice, I KNEW I didn't want to be one of those phony charlatans. I wanted to be someone that could bring real experience and honest insights to the table for my clients. I wanted them to know they had someone in their corner who was genuinely concerned about their success.

The gurus are slick. They talk about authenticity and "keeping it real" while they don't have their shit together behind the scenes. Because they're slick marketers and know exactly what to say to part you from your hard-earned money, they get the attention, their list grows, and they keep making money - which perpetuates the problem.

"Look how successful I am! I've made millions, I have loads of followers. I MUST know what I'm doing! Buy from me so I can make more millions and have more followers."

It's a cycle that feeds itself. People believe the hype... until it's too late. You've been burned and now you find it hard to trust anyone to play it straight with you.

I'm not immune. I've been a victim myself. I've paid thousands of dollars to people making millions of dollars a year (or per month!) and witnessed first hand the uncoordinated, discombobulated crap that goes on in their businesses.

Not to mention what it does to folks like you and me. You sign up for a year-long program or an 8-week course with high hopes, only to find out something's off. The marketing said it was for everyone, but it wasn't really for someone at your level. Or it taught your the WHAT, but not the HOW (you have to upgrade for that!). Or worse, it created MORE work for you to do when you were already stretched to the max!

The gurus don't care if you succeed or not. They already got paid!

Pay for the results you actually get!

I always wished there was a way to learn from someone and pay them based on the results their training gave me. I knew one guy who did that, but his program was $100k! You paid $10k up front, and then you paid the rest as you earned it.

Too steep for me!

Still, it inspired me to launch the Creative Freedom Incubator.

When we launched in 2016, I started small - just 4 folks in our first co-hort - to see what we could do. I launched with a simple offer - pay for results. We help you get the results, and you pay us a percentage of your sales, based on the results you get.

I kept it small because I had no idea how well the program would work, and I didn't want to lose my shirt just in case it all fell apart.

Well, it didn't fall apart. And we continued to improve the program. We still kept it small, because delivering to more than 5 or 6 people would have been too much for me.

The result?

The Creative Freedom Incubator has helped our clients earn nearly a MILLION dollars in Real Revenue - most of whom started from nothing!

When I saw those numbers, I almost did a backflip! I've spent most of this year trying to figure out how to expand this program so that we could help more people. It wasn't easy, but after much tweaking, testing, and feedback, it's ready.

Today, we're opening enrollment for the new Creative Freedom Incubator, and I want you to be part of it, if it makes sense for you!

The new Incubator has 3 levels, designed to meet you at your current stage of business growth. Plus (and this is my favorite part) each level is available on a pay-for-results basis.

If you've been wanting to get help in your business, but cost has been a barrier, or you've been burned before and really want to see some results before you make a big investment, I invite you to come see how the Creative Freedom Incubator can help you.

The Creative Freedom Incubator really is "new and improved" and now available to a LOT more people. If you know a creative entrepreneur that could use this kind of support and accountability in getting more of the right things done in their business, please share this with them!

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