Lisa Robbin Young

November 7: Letting Go of Goals

I really enjoyed the time I spent this year in "the studio" - aka my living room working on songs and learning the ins and outs of the recording equipment. My BHAG of recording 300 songs this year, however, went by the wayside for some very good reasons.

First, I had some major family issues crop up - that we were completely unaware of - that led to serious legal stuff. We're STILL dealing with the legal stuff, and the fallout from the legal stuff may take years to deal with. Family care and safety are top priorities for me, so naturally, I had to make room for those priorities. In the face of the safety of my kids, 300 songs pales grossly in comparison.

Second, we had some wonderful surprises come up. New jobs, new directions, and new opportunities I never could have planned for. That means making room for them if I want to experience them. Again, those 300 songs just weren't as appealing as the other opportunities.

But then, judgement sets in. And I start to think I'm somehow "less than" because I didn't meet my goal. Today's video uncovers the BS of that sentiment.

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