Do I need a business coach? 4 signs you're ready

[Creative Freedom S6E17]

This is the LAST episode of season 6! I am ready to CELEBRATE with this week's episode where we dig into the questions I recommend asking yourself before you decide you are ready for coaching.

I have been a business coach for - coming up on - 20 years now. I helped thousands of people find their right way to making a profitable, sustainable business. In that time, I’ve learned the difference between coaching, consulting, and mentoring. I can be any or all of those things, depending on what my client needs.

I’ve also found that folks don’t always know what they need. They’ve hit a wall, they’re feeling stuck, and they’ve heard that somebody hired a so-called "business coach" and that seemed to help them. So, that’s what they look for.

Not so fast! Coaching - for Instagram or anywhere else - is not a magic pill that cures all ills. In fact, many of my clients will recount the times they’ve sat with me and cried or told me to eff-the-eff-off because they didn’t like the hard truth they were facing in the moment. Truths that they ultimately HAD to face if they wanted to move forward.

You’ve got to be ready for coaching. If you’re still standing around wanting someone to tell you what to do or be your boss, then that’s not what coaches do. In order to know whether or not a business coach is your right next step, these four things must be true:

  1. Ya gotta be coachable
  2. Ya gotta have a budget
  3. Ya gotta be clear on your goals
  4. Ya gotta be willing to invest your resources

Think about these four things. Listen to the episode. And then, reach out and let me know if you think a business coach is the right next step for your business.

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