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BYOG Day 1 - You're Nothing Special

[Editor's note: This is the same post I began the last series with. It may seem like a crappy way to title the start of this series, but I want to jump in and shake your snow globe right away. Remember, I've seen the posts that are coming up, and our guests have put out some amazing ideas. I have to kick things off in an equally awesometastic way. So here goes...]

While working with a client – a six-figure leader in her company, she said “I’m nothing special.

That’s right.” I said. “There’s nothing any more special about you than anyone else. There’s also nothing less special about you than anyone else.”

Believe it. That’s where strength and confidence comes from.

As you jump in and fully immerse yourself in the #BYOG series, a lot of things are going to happen:

1. You’re going to connect with some very smart people. Our guests have made a point of bringing you to the edge, to banish your excuses. But our guests aren’t the only smart folks around here. YOU are one of us, and your comments, input and ideas are just as important as anything my amazing guests have put together. The more you participate, the more likely you are to make friends for your journey. So I invite you to comment, ask questions, and get involved as much as you feel comfortable – and maybe until you get a little uncomfortable, because…

2. You’re going to feel things changing for you. That may be when you read a post and get that awesome “AHA!” moment you’ve been waiting for. It could be painful to open a wound you thought you buried with your Shadow Self a while ago. I can’t tell you what will happen for you, only what I know about change. #BYOG is designed to be a catalyst for change. Because of that…

3. You may not agree with everything. Not every post will connect with you. This is a multi-media experience, because I wanted to “meet you where you are” as Viktor Frankl said. you may not resonate with an image, or an article, but the audio, or the video from a particular day’s post really sinks in deep. All I ask is that you make the commitment to keep coming back. You never know which post will be…

4. Inspiration for your next step. That’s what this whole series is about. We want you to get off your “yeah, but…” and take action. It doesn’t have to be huge. It just has to be right for you. For so long, you’ve said you wanted to have some level of success, so we’re going to define it, and pinpoint the next step you need to take. Then…

5. You’ve got to take action. Only you know what step you can reasonably take next. What’s easy-peasy for me may be incredibly daunting for you. There’s no judgment here, only support, and a bit of accountability as you define and take your next step. We’re training you to Be Your OWN Guru here, so it might be a good idea if you…

6. Take notes and participate. We can’t support your efforts if we don’t know that you’re out there. This community of smarties can’t offer encouragement and guidance if you’re not willing to speak up. And even if you do speak up, it will all be pointless if you don’t keep track of all the ideas you’ll be gleaning. Besides, I know that…

7. Life happens. We are not perfect, and something may come up. While I want you to fully invest yourself in the next 31 days, I’m not a tyrant. I know there are all kinds of “things” going on in your life. This program is about making changes happen, so I don’t want you to make excuses. However, I also understand that NONE of us can predict the future with 100% accuracy, so if you get hit by the proverbial comet, please feel free to take a break and re-join the convo. The blog is going to be here for a while. BUT…

8. Our guests are making themselves available to you. Each day, the posts go live at about Noon ET. Most of our guests have committed to participate in the conversation on the day of their post. If you want the additional support of those folks, you’ll want to be active on the blog that day.

You aren’t any more or less special than anyone else you’ll meet during this series. Including me. We’re all at different stages of our journey. Some of our guests have come a long way, some are still taking the first few steps. All of them are bringing their “A” game, and I’m hoping you are, too. If you really want to kick things up a notch, jump on the #BYOG mailing list, and get the daily action guide delivered to your inbox each afternoon.

The point here isn’t to let anyone ride roughshod over you. BYOG is about helping you bust the excuses, break through the fear barrier, and define your own brand of success – whatever that means to you. Success is a personal definition, and nobody can tell you what that means for you – except you.

So get ready, because tomorrow, Kadena Tate is kicking things off in a mighty powerful way!

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