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BYOG Day 9 - Live Your Answer

by Joy Holland

[Editor's note: This is day 9 in the Be Your Own Guru series. Joy's post is a timely reminder that once we have answers from our life, we need to act on them - by fully living our best life.]


We spend so much time attempting to analyze and understand;
yet, when we simply feel into the energy,
we find we are living our answer.

I like to write in reflection, using my personal example as something you can tap into if you wish, instead of a “lecture” format. I believe there are myriad ways to move, and I love learning from the variance in those ways. This is simply one way for you to consider.

“Be Your Own Guru” implies a depth of wisdom, knowledge, and life experience. Simply reading this sentence feels restrictive, constrained. For how do I know I am acquiring “enough” or the “right” knowledge and experience? Is wisdom based upon the amount of years I have lived or what I have lived in those years? How shall I earn the trust of myself to be my guru? All of this feels very external, and out of my control—I am striving, reaching, vesting energy to, something outside of myself.

When I go beyond what I know to what I feel, I have the choice to internally center into infinite possibility. In a peaceful, gentle way, I can move mountains if I wish, because I am plugged into a non-physical source of energy that is unlimited.

This is not about spiritual practice--although it can be--

It is absolutely about learning to feel, and trust, the natural process of unfolding. I feel empowered when I know I have the choice to center into my values, regardless of external. This potency infuses my connections and creations in all areas of my life.

From this centered space, I can hear my heart whispers. While this might sound “woo-woo”, I have created my life as I allow each heart whisper to guide me in all areas. I listen as I parent, explore world, connect with others, build my business, move my being.

I don't always know “where” following the heart whisper will lead or “how” it will specifically unfold.

I do know, with certainty, that external will be in alignment with my internal values, allowing the creative process to be with ease and joy, even if I am feeling vulnerable because I am in new spaces.

As a single mother of two children, raising my family on the income from work in an esoteric field of clarity facilitation and energy movement, it takes courage and confidence to continue to listen to, and follow, my heart whispers. Especially when mainstream might question my methods. And I might not have specific answers.

If you turn this reflection inward, you might ask yourself:

  • How does the concept of heart whisper feel to you? Is it familiar?
  • What practices might you engage in that will cultivate your heart whispers?
  • How might you make ample space and time for your heart whispers to arise and circulate?
  • How might you arrange the external in your life to support this practice of cultivating and listening to your heart whispers?

The single, most important factor in the 'success' of this practice is to vest in all that enriches and enlivens your spirit/your being.

This means that while others are accomplishing items on their “to-do lists” you are engaged in the process of being that which resonates with your spirit...passion, play, joy, movement, laughter.

Be Your Own Guru...oh yes, please be your own guru, allowing Universe to affirm in external ways all that you feel internally, with joy, love, and gratitude.


May you allow your heart whispers to circulate freely and return your reality.

Much peace,


joyhollandJoy Holland is an Intuitive Empath, Energy and Clarity Facilitator who shares the gift of presence to magnify your inner brilliance. Joy is the founder of Facets of – a community where exploration is encouraged and heart whispers are affirmed and supported. You can also connect with Joy on twitter and Facebook.

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