Lisa Robbin Young

BYOG Day 11 - Unspoken

[Note: this is Day 11 of the Be Your Own Guru series. It's a poem that came to me when I was researching a quote that's often attributed to Bruce Lee. "I am not in this world to live up to your expectations, And you are not in this world to live up to mine." is actually a line from the "Gestalt Prayer" by Fritz Perls. It let me to think about how much stuff we don't say or do because of the expectations of others. This poem was inspired from there.]

There are words you want to say that remain unsaid.

Why not just say them instead?

Sometimes the truth is painful and hurts,

but I'd rather truth flow freely, than in spurts

that stop and start, or ebb and flow.

When the truth is irregular, how will you know?


People wear masks of perfection or shame.

Your real face hides. We don't know your real name.

The illusion you create only leaves you with guilt

wondering about this so-called life you've built.

Soon YOU don't know what's truth anymore,

and your soul - now broken - lies bleeding on the floor.


Take courage in who you are called to be.

If not for you, then do it for me.

I need you to be you - and nothing less.

It gives me the courage to be at my best.

Not that I'm perfect. I'm not, that is true.

So if not for me, then do it for you.


Your truth may hurt others, so what?

You are called in this life to live nothing but

the truth of your existence. Anything less

will only bring more of a dissatisfying mess.

Why pretend to be what you're not, and say

nothing just to "get through the day"?


We are not meant to just survive.

By God! We are called to grow and THRIVE!

So why settle for less than the blessings we're due?

I need to be me. You need to be you.

Speak the truth of your heart.

Only then can true living start.


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