Lisa Robbin Young

Get Your Year In Gear: Day Three - Family

Who Empowers You?

When we think about family, sometimes we rejoice, other times, we shudder. Whether related by blood or not, our family are those closest to us. The ones that (usually) lift us up and hold us close when we need them most.

But sometimes they don't, and it can be hard to set and enforce new boundaries with them. That's what we're about today: getting clarity on where your empowering and disempowering relationships are, and making decisions to support your growth for the next year.

Today’s total time commitment: approximately 33 minutes

Watch today’s video (duration: 5:18):


Download & Complete Day 3 Worksheets (Approximately 24 minutes)

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Bonus Video: How To Deal With Toxic Relationships (7 minutes - optional):

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