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[Creative Freedom S5E7]

If you're a heart-centered creative entrepreneur struggling with pricing, there's good news: you don't have to subsist on a survival-level income, and you don't have to price gouge your clients in order to be successful. There's a middle ground that's profitable and sustainable.

Your pricing tells a story, and it's personal. For creative entrepreneurs there is no topic more in need of a mindset shift than pricing. Pricing is more than just materials + time. It's about your pricing mythology, your audience expectations, and other considerations that we'll run through in this episode.

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Podcast Show Notes

  • 2:53 - Why you may need a mindset shift around pricing and high-priced offers
  • 5:10 - Why you probably can't charge less than $100/hr and why $500/hr may be more reasonable.
  • 8:40 - How pricing mythology means a company like Starbucks can charge more than McDonald's
  • 14:00 - How your audience is a factor in pricing.
  • 23:00 - IPA2 is the key to your livelihood in business
  • 25:43 - Another approach to pricing: Mark Silver's Resonant Pricing Exercise

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