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How to keep happy, loyal clients

Image credit: Pexels As a business owner, you probably don't want one-time customers. I mean, you probably won't turn them away, either! But, having loyal repeat buyers creates stability in your business. Plus, it helps you build your credibility and establish your reputation in the marketplace. If you’re feeling a bit stuck when it comes […]

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How to manage the risk of being sued in business

Being sued can sometimes be the result of a business model mistake tht keeps your business from growing like it should - or make it collapse all together. If you are at risk of being sued or simply want to ensure your business is protected for the future, here are some tips to follow. Get […]

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Freelancer? You Need An Engaging Website

If you're a freelancer, you probably understand the importance of having a strong online presence. Your website is central to being able to market your business and establish yourself as a successful freelancer. Indeed, a well-designed website serves many functions, including: Here, this article will explore not the reasons why you need a website — […]

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How To Build A Kickass Team That Delivers Stellar Results

As I mentioned in a separate post, your team is the backbone of your business. They can make or break your success. While finding the right people is key, don't forget to focus on nurturing your team's collective output too. From innovation to customer experience, their productivity affects everything. Want to inspire your team to […]

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The 4 Things You Need To Start Your Business

When you're in the early stages of building a stand-out business, there are lots of moving parts and pieces to keep things running smoothly. There are also a lot of things that seem important, but are just distractions. So where do you need to focus right from the start? The things that will move the […]

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Is Your Business Growing Too Quickly For You To Keep Up?

When you started your business, it was probably pretty simple to handle everything on your own. You wore all the hats and maybe even wore them most of the time, because it was just you. As your business expands, things often get more complicated. Now, wearing all the hats means you have no time to […]

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Great Ways to Enhance the Customer Experience

The customer experience is the name given to the customers' perceptions and feelings when they interact with a business. This is the total effect of the interactions that they have gone through, from using the website to speaking to the sales agent and receiving the parcel through the door. It is a broad range of […]

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Eight Important Steps When Thinking Of Scaling Your Business

Scaling a business can be an exciting and challenging process. It involves taking a successful business model and replicating it in new markets or with new products. However, before you begin the process of scaling your business, it's important to make sure you have the right things in place. Image Credit Strong financials:  Scaling a […]

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Five Great Tips To Promote Your Business On The Road At Events & Conferences

As a business, promotion is essential and that promotion isn’t just confined to the online world and locally. When businesses travel to conferences and events, it’s an opportunity to market the business to a wider market.  Taking full advantage of these occasions is important as a business, whether it’s a new company or it’s existed […]

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Different Marketing Ideas To Try For A Small Business

(Image credit) For a small business, marketing can be the difference between success and failure. However, it's not as simple as it once was. You need to be aware of the different options that you have at your disposal today to get the most out of them. In this article, we'll look at some ideas […]

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