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8 Lessons I've Learned Hosting Live Events

This is Season Four, Episode Ten. Last episode, I talked about events from the attendee perspective. Today, I'm talking about them from the host perspective. Over the past 10 years, I've hosted hundreds of live events. From my basic monthly Accountability Club teleclasses and weekly Facebook Live Q&A's to more complex virtual and in-person events like Creative Freedom Live (Happening in October! Yeah, baby!)

If you're thinking about hosting your own events, here are the mistakes and lessons I've learned to help you host a successful event that works for you AND your attendees.

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Show Notes

9:07 - The live event screw-ups that almost cost me my car

15:30 - The Jeep event that created an experience that hit all their goals

21:20 - The most effective way to get people to attend your event

25:02 - The importance of ethics and delivering on your promises

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