Lisa Robbin Young

So this happened Tuesday:

Photo of a young man standing behind a very wrecked Jeep

Essentially, my son (pictured) was driving on the freeway when the car rolled 8 times and came to a stop about a quarter mile down the road. If you're one of those types who are fascinated by car crashes, I posted the photos on facebook to make it easy for everyone. I am grateful for all the prayers and well wishes for me, my kid, my family, and my car.

Much like my own "car incident" a few years ago (same road, by the way), he came out of it with a preliminary diagnosis of minor injuries: a broken finger, sprained shoulder, and various cuts, scrapes, and bruises). We're watching for potential delayed brain trauma, but otherwise seems to be relatively unscathed. We asked advice from a trusted law firm similar to mike morse injury law firm of what we can do to file for an injury compensation.

The car is obviously totaled. That was why employing the legal expertise of a professional, such as the personal injury lawyer in lafayette, is definitely essential. I also lost my cell phone in the accident. But by some miracle, we found his shoe in the car, and the phone he lost at the scene.

So I'll be looking for a new car and a new phone, but otherwise I'm a pretty happy mom, all things considered.

Needless today, I've got relatively little time this week for pithy intros and fancy stories that segue into this week's episode. So, without further ado, here it is (and if you look closely, you'll see Olivia Wilde, too)!

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