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My car "accident" - and what it could mean for you

It was supposed to be my day off.

Every once in a while, if I'm a lucky mom, I get to take a weekend day just for myself. No specific plans, no agendas, no real commitments, just an opportunity for me to be "in the flow" of life and do whatever comes to mind.

Unfortunately, the entire day was NOT going according to plan.

My oldest had his own agenda, as did my husband and youngest son. And somewhere in there groceries needed to be picked up and delivered to the homestead. And I had an appointment that was SUPPOSED to be at 12:45 that conveniently got bumped to 11. That was actually a good thing, because it meant I'd have an entire afternoon that was obligation free.

So my "day" off was really a "half day off", but when you're a busy mom with special needs kids, you take what you can.

(Aside: that was mistake number one!)

Since I had to get groceries and come back home, I took my husband's car for the fuel economy. I'm still not sure if that was a good or bad idea.

I wrapped up my morning activities to leave for my appointment.  I was working on finding the "leaky holes" in my wealth container, and I was excited to share my discoveries at my 11AM appointment - with my therapist.

You know me: I like to break through barriers and make progress - LOTS of it.

I just wasn't expecting to actually break a real-life barrier... while I was driving.

There's a tricky piece of interstate we call "the mix-master" in my hometown. I'm sure there are busier places in the world, and I'd bet many big cities have their own version of this.

accidentOurs is a 4-lane stretch of road near the airport in a primarily industrial area. That means LOTS of semi-truck action, and crazy drivers that want to get past them, cutting them (and the rest of us) off to get wherever they think they needed to be ten minutes ago.

I was NOT a distracted driver. The ground was NOT wet. I was dutifully checking my six to make a lane change. When I looked forward again, the driver in front of me was braking, so I also applied my brakes and began the lane change. I had plenty of room, so I wasn't worried about the car in the next lane.

That's when everything started spinning.

Well, everything in my car. Apparently nothing was wrong in the rest of the world, but my husband's car decided to start a swerve. Then, naturally, I tried to correct and probably over corrected. I was fish-tailing, zig-zagging and swerving all across those four lanes. I tried applying the brake harder, then let go, then applied it again.

Yes, I think it's safe to say I was probably in panic mode. At some point, the carving that hangs from the rear view mirror flew completely off, the windshield wipers came on (and got stuck), and the engine shut off.

You can see my artist's rendering of my topsy-swervy stunt car driving escapade to the right. I came across three full lanes of traffic, plus the first off ramp and median before I slowly, gently came coasting to a stop facing the exiting traffic. The car's tail end plopped lightly into the ditch. The engine was off.

I put the car in park, and turned the car "off" - even though it was already stalled out. I climbed out of the car as to gawkers from the industrial facility came to the fence line to ask if I was okay.

"Um, yep. I think so!" I said as I walked slowly around the car, looking for damage, and praying we wouldn't need any more car repairs this month.

Aside from some grass lodged up in the wheel well of the front driver side tire, it seemed to be okay. But I was in the ditch, and possible high-centered, so I got back in to see if I could get the car moving.

...but the car wouldn't start...

It made a clicking noise - like when the alternator's shot. So I just threw up a "flare prayer" and said "Hey! I have an 11 o'clock appointment that YOU rescheduled for me, so what do you want me to do here?"

The car started up.  I drove back onto the freeway, continued a few hundred feet to the mixmaster, and got on the other freeway to make it to my appointment on time.

It wasn't until I was off the freeway, car parked, that I took another hard look at that car: not a scratch. No broken gas lines, no dented tire rims, NOTHING was damaged. No one was hurt, nothing was banged up, bruised or beaten. And, most thankfully, no one else was involved in this crazy stunt-car driving adventure.

I find it hard to call it an "accident"...

See, I don't believe in accidents. I think everything - E'RYTHANG - happens for a reason. Sure, there are folks that would call me a spiritual nut, or some kind of weirdo for holding that belief, but whatevs. I've lived too much life, seen too many inexplicable things happen, and heard a lot of incredulous anecdotes that seemed accidental, only to be perfectly in alignment with the divine order of things.

Plus, no one was hurt, so how is it an accident?

But it sounds goofy to call it a "car on-purpose", doesn't it?

And yet, so many things crystallized for me during that episode, and in the days that have passed since, there have been constant unfoldings. Too much to share in a blog post.

So I want to invite you to listen to the whole story - and what it might mean for you.

Join me for the rest of the story...

There's nothing to sign up for. Here are the call-in details:

*****SAVE THE DATE*****
Saturday, August 24 10AM Eastern

Join my conference call:
Dial: (530) 881-1300
Access Code: 483066#
(Visit for details on how to skype in)

On this call, I'll be sharing the details of this story that are too sensitive to share on the blog. You'll understand why this is so timely for me, and more importantly, I hope it will give YOU some insight into your own life.

Remember when I mentioned "mistake number one"? This accident opened my eyes to THREE mistakes I've been making for YEARS - and I want you to know them and never make them yourself!

I'll also explain why NOW is the best time for you to step fully into your dreams, build your Noble Empire and live your inspired life.

Aside from the timely "life is precious and time is short" message that a car accident can bring up, I want to share with you what I learned about myself and the world through this divine experience. It's all well and good to say "don't wait", but if you don't know HOW to get going, sometimes waiting is all you feel qualified to do.

This may sound kind of woo-woo and mystical, but I definitely had a divine encounter during this ordeal, and there's so much I want to share. I feel all explode-y inside (in a good way!).

You can listen to the live call free, or you can order the recording here.

I hope you'll join me and tell anyone else you know that could use the inspiration. This stuff is pretty raw for me (which is usually where my best lessons come from). You don't need to opt in for this, but if you'd like a reminder email, you can sign up in the box below, and get notified.

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