Lisa Robbin Young

Overcoming Underearning For Creative Entrepreneurs

Program Overview - Please watch this first!

Video: 6:14

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Week One - Total time to complete: 59-75 minutes

Week One Script (All Segments)

Segment 1: Understanding Underearning

Video: 16:45


  • Get a journal to document your money stories (ongoing)
  • Watch the "Death Crawl" scene from Facing The Giants (5:25)

Segment 2: 5 Core Symptoms of Underearning

Video: 16:34


Segment 3: Voices of Underearning & Your Final Assignment

Video: 19:44


  • Documentation of money stories (ongoing)
  • Sentence completion - questions included in video, you may need an additional 10-15 minutes to pause the video between questions to complete the assignment. Email your completed homework the best way you can to or use this contact form

Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5

Week Two - Total time to complete: 73-93 minutes

Week Two Script (All Segments)

Segment 1: Welcome to the "Long-Tail"

Video: 12:24


  • Continue documenting money stories (ongoing)
  • Identify where you are in the Long Tail (10-20 minutes)

Segment 2: Unwanted Identities & New "I am" Stories

Video: 13:07


  • Money stories (ongoing)
  • Examine 1-2 unwanted identities & re-write them as new "I am... because" statements (20-30 minutes)
  • Optional reading: "I Thought It Was Just Me, But It Isn't" by Dr. Brene Brown

Segment 3: Shame Resilience & Re-weaving Your Truth

Video: 12:53


  • Practice active self-compassion, acknowledging your shame around an unwanted identity and reaffirming your new "I am" statement (5-10 minutes). To get additional support, email your completed homework the best way you can to or use this contact form

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Week Three - Total Time To Complete: 68-75 mins

Week 3 Scripts (All Segments)

Segment 1: Pick ONE thing to shift 

Video: 7:52


  • Continue documenting money stories (ongoing)
  • Identify one story you're ready to shift (5-10 minutes)

Segment 2: Reverse Engineering Statements of Empowerment 

Video: 7:25


  • Use one of your "I am" Statements or the money story you're ready to shift, and create a series of empowerment statements you can use to practice reinforcing your new money story. Send drafts to me if you want my help refining them. (about 30 minutes) To get additional support, email your completed homework the best way you can to or use this contact form
  • Optional reading: "Overcoming Underearning" by Barbara Stanny (Huson)

Segment 3: The Importance of Celebration 

Video: 8:40


  • Develop a list of ways you can celebrate your wins (about 10 mins)
  • CELEBRATE! (Ongoing!)
  • Optional: Check out this clip from "28 Days" and remember that you can't control the outcome (about 3 mins)

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Week Four - Total Time to Complete: 47 - 157 Mins

Don't let that number scare you! A good part of that time is research. 🙂

Week 4 Scripts

Segment 1: Understanding Resistance & Your Enoughness Number

Video: 10:40


  • Continue documenting money stories (ongoing)
  • Devise your Enoughness Number - Do the Gut Check AND the Research! (10-60 mins)
  • Download & Print your resistance reminders, take a screenshot, or add this image to your phone's gallery as a visual reminder of when you might be in resistance.

Segment 2: Authentic Pricing & The 7 Dynamics of Change 

Video: 19:20


  • Complete the change exercise in the video. You may need to pause it a few times. Document your discoveries and send your ah-ha's to me the best way you can to or use this contact form
  • How are you adjusting your rates? Are you raising prices, or adjusting the contents of your offers to keep the price the same? Do your resonant pricing exercise and identify your new new rates for your offering. Again, you may need to pause the video to really feel into your pricing decisions.
  • 7 Ways  to Raise Your Rates - a podcast episode from Creative Freedom (about 30 mins)
  • Optional reading: Article about the 7 Dynamics of Change by Ken Blanchard
  • Optional reading: The Irresistible Offer by Mark Joyner

Segment 3: Creating Community & Practicing For Success

Video: 7:43


  • Create a list of people in your Support Community (10-20 mins)
  • CELEBRATE! (Ongoing!)
  • Optional: Create a "sacred money space" in your home or office to help you focus and practice your new habits and conversations
  • If you're not already a member, take a look at A-Club for additional support

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Week Five - Time to complete: 29-45 mins

Week 5 Scripts - All Segments

Segment 1: Threshold of Belief

Video: 12:05


  • Continue documenting money stories (ongoing)
  • Identify your income Threshold of Belief
  • Start gathering evidence to prove to your file clerk that what you want is possible (ongoing)

Segment 2: Respecting & Appreciating Money 

Video: 8:54


  • Decide what you're going to do to demonstrate your respect and appreciation for the money coming into and out of your hands
  • Do it!

Segment 3: Final (Re)Commitment & Celebration

Video: 7:56


  • CELEBRATE! (Ongoing!)
  • Make a written commitment to yourself to stay the course with your growth and new direction.
  • Seek out your support network to help hold you accountable. Book your coaching session (if applicable).
  • If you're not already a member, take a look at A-Club for additional support, if appropriate.

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