Lisa Robbin Young

What I'm Up To Now

Last Update: May 22, 2024 from home in Bloomington, Indiana

Family stuff:

  • My youngest (in Michigan) is GROWN! He graduates this month. I'm both excited and terrified for him. He's a special needs kid and my ex isn't the most supportive dude.
  • The husband is nearly fully recovered from his surgery last November. It's been a long, hard journey to heal and find meaningful work since his departure from his role at the non-profit that brought us to B'town a couple years ago. He starts a new job today. I'm both excited and anxious for him.
  • I've been working with a team of medical professionals to continue rehab after my surgery two years ago. It's been slow going. I've not always had a great attitude about that. Essentially, if I stand only on my right foot, I can't lift my heel off the ground. No one seems to understand why, when I can lift it just fine if I stand on both feet. That means I can't dance like I used to. I love dancing, and there's a grief that hangs over my heart right now that's hard to shake some days.

Work Stuff:

  • Recently accepted a role at WFIU as their host of Morning Edition. Getting up at 4:45 is an adjustment, but I'm enjoying the gig. Also developing a music history/appreciation program we hope to launch near the end of the year that features music from genres across the ages. Can't say more yet!
  • Rolled out new client Intensives in my consulting practice to help people get more immediate results in their businesses.
  • Fleshing out a new concept for solo retreats. I really want to travel more!
  • Looking for a house to rent for this fall's Creative Freedom Retreat in St. Louis.
  • Finally found an amazing video editor, so we're working on completing Season 8 of the YouTube show and podcast. Which means we'll be starting Season 9 of the Creative Freedom soon!
  • It's been a slog - especially since my friend and long-time assistant was diagnosed with a brain tumor, said goodbye to her doggie bff, and found out her dad was diagnosed with Cancer - all within the same month. She's been working through all that for several months now and I feel her absence deeply. AND I'm glad she's taking care of herself and advocating for what she needs for her journey.

Other stuff:

  • Not a lot of time for entertainment right now. Running a business consulting company for creative entrepreneurs, and being on the air take up a lot of my day.
  • Reading up on Human Design.
  • Watching the reboot of MacGyver, and hanging out with the husband when time allows.

Inspired by Derek Sivers