Lisa Robbin Young

Star Power Intensives (VIP)

Designed to help you create more ease and profit in your business - in ways that work for how you're wired to work - Star Power Intensives are a 3-4 hour block of time dedicated to helping you get real results fast. When you're tired of plodding along and want the support of a strategist with decades of experience to help you resolve the bottlenecks you're facing, a private Star Power Intensive is your fastest path. Here's what Teresa says about working with me.

Here are the specifics about the intensives available, including a Choose Your Own Adventure option.

Your Irresistible Offer

Sometimes you're facing a downturn and looking at revamping your existing offers. Other times, you're itching to launch something new. This Star Power Intensive walks you through the process of creating an offer that's simply irresistible to your Raving Fans. If you're a creative entrepreneur or a micro business owner clear on the results you want for your clients, but you're not clear on how to package and present it in a way that has your best clients saying "HELL YES!" this Star Power Intensive is the best option for you.

In our time together we will:

  • Home in on exactly who your program is for and what makes it a "HELL YES!" for them.
  • Create your Customer Journey map to help you identify the marketing language you'll need to meet your potential buyers at each step - from complete stranger to Raving Fan.
  • Determine the deliverables, instructional design (if appropriate) and resonant pricing for your offer.
  • Identify the brand positioning that will help your offer stand out and best reflect your expertise and experience in the marketplace.
  • Ensure everything is in alignment and ethical integrity for you and works for how you're wired to work.

You'll walk away with an offer you can roll out almost immediately. A videographer I worked with brought in $15,000 later the same day!

Business Model Intensive

If you're an author or thought leader looking to develop a "back-end business model" from your intellectual property, this intensive is for you. You and I will look at your I.P. and map out a profitable, sustainable business model that works for how you're wired to work.

In our time together you will:

  • Use your creative entrepreneur type to identify your business zone of genius
  • Identify the most resonant audience for your work - and ways to reach them.
  • Use our proprietary business modeling tool to pinpoint the strongest offers for your best audience.
  • Develop a preliminary offer stack that "fills out" the back end of your business.
  • Take a values-first approach to business development to ensure everything is in alignment and ethical integrity for you and works for how you're wired to work.

You'll walk a way with a fleshed-out business model that works for how you're wired to work, and roadmap that will show you exactly which offers to develop first, when to roll out additional offers, and the ways to reach those buyers that are best for you.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Sometimes, you just need something totally custom to your unique situation. If you're a micro entrepreneur, it's common to have issues that bleed over from personal to business and back. I've got you covered!

A Choose Your Own Adventure Intensive begins (like all our intensives) with a Next Steps session to get clear on what we'll be working on together. Then, during your session, we will:

  • Clarify the specific deliverables/results for our time together (Content ideas? Marketing Plan? Team job descriptions? Something else? We'll nail it down!)
  • Match those deliverables to your personal and/or professional goals so you're not just creating more work for yourself, but actually moving the needle for your life/work.
  • Ensure everything is in alignment and ethical integrity for you and works for how you're wired to work.
  • Develop a clear implementation plan so you can move confidently forward with your best next step.

One client I worked with mapped out a career transition plan for the next 3-5 years (with income milestones and an offer stack) to move out of Real Estate and become a professional speaker.

I have a deep and wide knowledge base, after 30 years in the online world. If you believe that I'm the right person to help you with your situation, Choose Your Own Adventure, and let's sort it out! 

Your investment for a Full Star Power Intensive is $5,000 (USD) or you can book a 60-minute "mini" session for $1500. Either session includes a 25-minute Next Steps session with me prior to your intensive to make sure we're solving the right issue. At that time, we'll determine which type of intensive is the best path forward and book your session date. Installment payment options are available.

If you're not sure an intensive is the best approach right now, you can book a Next Steps session instead and we can figure that out together.