Lisa Robbin Young

Lisa M. Robbin and Lisa Robbin Young are the same person

Lisa M. Robbin is also known as Lisa Robbin Young

It's true. I am her. She is me. Lisa M. Robbin and Lisa Robbin Young are the same person, legally speaking.

image of Lisa M. Robbin Young

Why do I have a page on my website dedicated to explaining this? It's mostly an SEO thing. Because of my name change, Google refuses to acknowledge that I have held both these identities in the life of my career. So, in order to reclaim control of my online identity in its entirety, I created a page to explain that I am Lisa M. Robbin and Lisa Robbin Young.

Lisa Robbin Young began as Lisa M. Robbin

Back in the early days of my music career, I was known as Lisa M. Robbin. I recorded 2 albums, Facets (which is out of print), and Child of God, using the name Lisa M. Robbin. After I got married, I created content using my new name, Lisa Robbin Young, which you'll see on my album, The Fine Line. I even pointed the old domain name ( to my new website (you're on it right now!), which apparently didn't convince the powers that be at Google that I'm legit.

Lisa M. Robbin is now Lisa Robbin Young

To complicate things, I wrote both of my books as Lisa Robbin Young, which meant Google created two identities for me. One as Lisa Robbin Young the author, and another as Lisa M. Robbin the musician. Amazon can't seem to get this straight, either. They've

So, here I am, creating this page to help Google (and anyone else who might be confused by my name change) to understand that I'm still me. Always have been. Always will be. Even if I change my name (or change it again).