Lisa Robbin Young

Coming Attractions

This week's submission for Prosperity's Kitchen is a three-part saga. First, to identify our business goals and objectives, then to develop a content strategy for the remainder of 2013, and lastly, to write a post based on that strategy.

My Business Goals

This year, my primary business goal is to increase my reach and build my audience. Since I'm essentially starting from scratch this year, it is important to stake my claim on my particular market: business-minded women who are ready to step fully into their life purpose and build a noble empire, while living an inspired life. Secondarily, I'm also running a business, so generating revenues is also a useful idea. To that end, my goals for 2013 are as follows:

  • To increase my YouTube subscriber base to 1000 or more, and see my video views over 500,000 by the end of 2013.
  • To generate a consistent, predictable monthly income through music and performances.
  • To maintain a base of monthly revenue from my business training programs.

What Do I Want to be Known For

I am an "artist" as defined by Seth Godin ("all entrepreneurs are artists") - and performance happens to be my art. It is my goal to be known as an inspiring performer who has "been there, done that" and mentors other "artists" that want to pursue their passion and make a profit without compromising their principles.

What Questions Need to be Answered

  • What Is A Noble Empire?
  • Is a Noble Empire even possible?
  • How do I strike the balance between Empire building and inspired living?
  • Can I build a profitable business doing something I love without compromising my principles?
  • Is there anyone out there doing this, or am I alone on this journey?
  • I just don't have the confidence that I can do this and make a living wage. How do I fix that?
  • I've got too many ideas, and not enough time to implement. Can this problem even be solved? How?

These questions (and others) were culled from a recent survey of newsletter readers.

Who Will Write/Produce The Content?

On the whole, I am the primary content producer. At given times during the year (for example during the upcoming "Be Your Own Guru" blog series), guests are invited to submit their own contribution on a given topic to expand the conversation.

What Will I Publish?

My content will be articles, video, and music that support the themes outlined in the Coming Attractions video below:

The content will support the products and services I'm planning to launch/re-launch throughout the year, including:

Why? What Do I Hope to Accomplish?

The thrust of the year's content is designed to show other creative solopreneurs that there is a way to do what you love profitably and still have a live worth living. It's meant to tie both "halves" of my career together, bridging the creative work I do and the training I offer to others who want to find their own success pursuing their passion.

How Will I Promote?

You can see my full funnel strategy here - from a previous PK assignment.

Where Will I Publish?

I have three regular locations for posting content: Here,, and another blog I manage at, I also actively pursue guest post/appearance opportunities on other blogs as appropriate.

What's The Post?

6 Tips To Beat Overwhelm And Rock Your Business This Spring ties directly with the concept of building a Noble Empire and living an inspired life, plus the call to action plants the seed for making 30-day commitments, which ties nicely to the upcoming Be Your Own Guru blog series, which will run approximately 30 days.