Lisa Robbin Young

Once you know WHY you do the things you do, the 'How' and 'What' become easier.

As a creative entrepreneur, it's important critical to understand your motivations. Getting clarity around your Essential Why is pivotal to your success - not just in business, but in life. Your business is an extension of who you are and what you're about in the world.  Think about a creative entrepreneur like Steve Jobs and the brand he helped build with Apple. He had absolute clarity on his Essential Why. Simon Sinek (author of "Start With Why") says that "people don't by what you do, they buy why you do it."

If you don't know your Essential Why, what in the world are you communicating to your prospects, clients, and colleagues?

Until you get clear on why you do what you do (in life or business), things are pretty cloudy and murky. Once you have complete clarity on those issues, everything becomes infinitely easier.

Clarity + Confidence + Courage =
Profitable, Sustainable Business

When you understand your Essential Why, and then communicate that message to your Right Audience, it becomes easier to say “yes” to the right opportunities and “no” to the ones that do not further your Divine Purpose in the world.

As a solo or micro-preneur, your business is agile, and it depends a lot on you. You could say it's an extension of who you are.

You Are Not Your Business, It's An Extension Of You.

That's important to understand. So often, you live and breathe your work. It doesn't go on a shelf at 5pm each weeknight. AS such, you need to understand the more personal motivations behind the great work of your life. You've got to spend time connecting to why you do the things you do – and why you've chosen to not do other things. 

Knowing why you do what you do will allow you to sell your offerings to people who believe what you believe – creating
more loyal customers and a stronger, more profitable business.

It's why Apple can charge substantially higher prices for products that are available by any number of computer stores across the country without the Apple label. You can buy a less expensive MP3 player, a less expensive laptop, less expensive design tools at any number of stores, and yet Apple is worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

“But wait!” You say, “They're Apple!”


You know who they are and what they stand for – and it doesn't matter what their pricing structure is, because they have a core philosophy that resonates with their Right Audience – and if you're not part of their Right Audience, you don't matter. So if you're not a fan of Apple, it's okay. They're not marketing to you anyway.

That is what is so special about your Essential Why.

When you know your Essential Why, you can eliminate your marketing efforts to anyone who isn't in your Right Audience. You can focus your resources on relentlessly serving those people who are the most valuable to you, and give them the products, services, and
offerings they crave.

fistpumpWhen you are clear on your Essential Why, this is what happens:

  • Your self-sabotaging behavior melts away.
  • You make difficult decisions with grace and ease.
  • Your income increases (very often dramatically).
  • Clients and colleagues willingly refer business to you.
  • Business becomes easier because you are more focused on what really matters most to you.

Would you like a stronger, more profitable business, so you can focus on what really matters to you?

If so, keep reading!

I've spent the last few years bumping around, learning my Essential Why by trial and error. I know first hand the power of getting this kind of clarity. Here's my Essential Why:

Whether I'm on a stage performing or teaching for hundreds, coaching a small group, or working one-on-one with my private clients, everything I do is to inspire creative entrepreneurs to  build a Noble Empire and live an inspired life.

With clarity like that, it makes building my business infinitely easier. In fact, once I got clarity around my Essential Why, I was able to cut my working hours almost in half - and still generate the same kind of income.

Would you like that kind of clarity?

What if I told you that you could find that clarity in just a few hours? What if you could walk away knowing, deep in your bones, that you finally figured out what's been stopping you all this time? What would that mean for your life and business?

The Essential Why Workshop

If you've been wanting to get over the procrastination, if you've been "meaning to" do things, or if you've been a chronic self-sabotager, this could be the hope you've been looking for. When a client expresses a chronic sense of self-sabotage, it's often because they don't understand what really motivates them. And here's the truth: what motivates you isn't always what motivates others. Living in the world of what "should" motivate you (but doesn't), is only going to keep you stalled. The Essential Why Workshop helps you get clarity on what is really important to you - so that you can make the most of the life and work you've been creating.

Here's what we'll cover in our 4 sessions together:

Session One: Gain Clarity By Uncovering Your Truth

Before you can break the limiting cycle, you've got to understand where you're at - and why you're stuck. In your first session, you'll explore why you get stuck, what you value, and you'll determine your own threshold of belief. You'll also identify how big the gap really is (or isn't) between where you're at and where you want to be.  Not only will you see more clearly why you do what you do (and why you DON'T do other things!), you'll identify specific action steps you can take to start shifting out of stuck and into success.

At the end of your first session, you'll start shifting out of "stuck" and "self-sabotage" and build forward momentum toward living an inspired life.

Session Two: Gain Confidence By Living Your Truth

Once you have clarity on where you're at, you've got to clear the path toward success. In your second session, you'll build a personal road map for the success that is meaningful to you. You'll also learn how to take your disempowering, self-sabotaging stories about who and what you are about in the world - and re-create them from a place of empowerment.

At the end of your second session, you'll have more confidence to practice speaking and living your truth in an empowering way.

Session Three: Gain Courage By Forging Your Essential Why Statement

Once you understand why you do what you do, you need to connect with people that resonate with you. Your third session brings you practical know-how for reaching more of the people that want to do business with you. You'll discover what it takes to build a profitable business in an era of transparency and connectivity - at the speed of trust.

At the end of your third session, you'll know how to build a minimum viable audience for your business offerings, founded around your Essential Why Statement.

Session Four: Building a Sustainable, Profitable Business

If you want to build a business that's sustainable, that means creating something that won't suck the life out of you. Your fourth lesson introduces you to systems, accountability, and tools to take what you've started and make it scalable. That can't happen if your business isn't sustainable AND profitable.

At the end of your fourth session, you'll have all you need to get started building your Noble Empire and living and inspired life.

There are two ways to experience the Essential Why Workshop: On Your Own or with Private Coaching.

On Your Own

The entire workshop is delivered virtually, at your own pace. As soon as you complete one session, you can access the next. Here's everything you'll get in each lesson of the Essential Why Workshop:

  • Core training modules in video format
  • Downloadable audios with written transcripts of each core training module
  • Bonus case studies, resources, and video content to enrich your learning and help you make faster progress.

PLUS: Before the workshop begins, you'll get your hands on my Essential Why Workbook. This multi-media handbook is a step-by-step guide to building a profitable, sustainable business that's filled with clients you love - that love you right back. You'll have pages of prompts to help you dig into your past, present, and future - to find what really motivates and inspires you to do the work and be the person you are meant to be in the world.

What People Are Saying. . .

“I really took this whole ‘Why’ thing in. It was PERFECT timing for me. I had been needing to do it. I nailed down my ideal client –  I had been avoiding it, and it was so easy with this tool. It was very valuable for me!
My essential why for now is this:  Everything I do is to uplift and inspire people in their daily lives.
- Anne Marie Rudkin


Private Coaching: Get Individual Help To Connect to Your Essential Why

This is your chance to get one-on-one help refining your Essential Why, and get clarity on why you do what you do for your right people.

Here's what you get: In addition to all the "On Your Own" course content, we'll schedule two calls together (either via skype or on my bridge line) to get clarity and refine your personal Essential Why statement. The first is a 60-minute discovery session where you'll walk away with the core message of your Essential Why statement. Then, we'll schedule a 30-minute follow-up session after you've had time to experiment with the wording of your Essential Why statement to refine it, so that it's clear and concise and resonates deeply with you. Think of it as personal assistance in finding and honing your Essential Why statement. You'll walk away with a tool you can use to instantly connect to your right audience in a matter of seconds.

My Guarantee

If you're serious about getting the clarity and confidence around who you are and what you do in the world (in life and business), learning your Essential Why is a pivotal piece of the puzzle. All I ask is that you make the commitment to fully participate and be open and honest about the questions I ask you. If you do that, I'm confident you'll discover your initial Essential Why statement.

If, after completing the program, you are not more confident and focused on what matters most to you, simply turn in all your coursework and we'll gladly refund your tuition. I'm that convinced you'll see results!


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