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A couple of years ago, I was hired on as the Marketing Director at Heart of Business. It didn't last long, and yet a whole bunch of great learning came out of it (for all of us!). Mark Silver, the founder, and I developed a stronger friendship and keep respect for what we each bring to the table. I was VERY fortunate to sit down with Mark this month and chat about all things money - from the evolution of Heart of Business (and Mark) to pay-what-you-can pricing models and taking on clients that aren't a good fit when you need the money. All that and much more in this short, 40-minute conversation. SO delicious. Enjoy! // Clear Space & Improve Your Life. The Convo With Lisa Robbin Young.

I'm laying down a  challenge for you today.

This week's post shares a quick tip and friendly reminder to clear out the clutter in your heart, your home, and your life. When you do, there's a gift that comes back to you. Clearing space always makes room for something new. What that "something" is varies from one person to the next, and from one moment to the next, but the "something" always shows up if you're looking for it.

What about you? What's the Key Area of Success where you could take a moment and create some space? When you've cleared space n the past, what was the "new" that showed up for you? Share your thoughts in the comments for our whole community to enjoy.

First the important stuff: Happy birthday to meeeee!!

Second, the REALLY important stuff: My gift to you is this powerful conversation with Dave Ursillo. As part of his "conversations in purpose" series, Dave and I riff on one of the hardest things I've had to learn how to do: accept and own my value as a creator, a human, a person on this planet. We also touch on his work with the Literati Writers, how his first dream didn't go as planned, and the choices he's made that have led him to this point in his life and career.



How have you had to practice owning your value?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

It can be a real challenge to find even a little piece of quiet during the day. But quiet stillness is a daily must-have if you want to stay sane and allow for the blessings that come from intuitive/divine guidance.

This week's Convo features Joanna Weston, a certified Martha Beck trained life coach. We talk about finding stillness, what coaching is (and what it isn't), as well as how she's helping her clients create space for the sacred.

Visit Joanna and learn more about her "Creating Space For The Sacred" program.


[Note: This is day 12 of the Be Your Own Guru blog series. Today's video offers you an opportunity to think about how perception works in real time, and how living your life according to your own perceptions can be both a blessing and a curse.]

We all walk through life with preconceived notions about our world.

We call them beliefs.

Often, these beliefs color every interaction we have - without us even realizing it.

If you carry a belief that strangers are dangerous, you'll behave differently than if you were raised to be cordial to strangers.

Neither belief is inherently good or bad. Neither belief guarantees a positive or negative outcome.

Our perceptions shape more of our life and our work than we often recognize or care to admit.

In the video below, you'll see a piece of paper. What color is it?

That question seems simple enough, right? I mean, you can look at it and easily see that it's pink, right?

Clearly, anyone with a fully functional ocular device can tell it's pink. Right?

Well, it all depends on what side of the paper you're standing on.

In the video, I challenge you to consider (more…)

This week marks the beginning of some shifting in both my life and my business. We finished our taxes, and the kids were home for the holiday, so I decided to slow things down a bit and not "push" myself to create. I explain it a bit more this week on "The Convo":


If you're in need of your own quiet stillness, consider The PEACE System as a tool to help you navigate your daily priorities.


As a small child, I knew I was called to be a performer. I remember being 2 or 3 years old (before we moved into the house I grew up in) and "performing" for my family. I'd stand up on my wooden toy box, pretending it was a stage, dancing and singing for whoever would give me the time of day. I remember the day I was too big to stand on that "stage" - my foot went right through the lid and broke the toy box.

Somehow, I've managed to totally mungle my dream because of shame.

I grew up in a community where the biggest dream most folks had was to get a good paying job in "the shop". GM practically owned Flint when I was growing up, and the parents of most of the kids I ran with were either in the shop, or served the shop workers as teachers, lawyers, or doctors. Our town was a shop economy. (more…)

In this final segment of my interview with Sarah Robinson, we're talking about the Fierce Loyalty Accelerators, specifically, exclusivity and love. Sarah talks about how the accelerators aren't meant to be a stand-alone device to employ, but work in tandem with the Fierce Loyalty model to help you grow an intensely committed community of like-minded people (your tribe, your Noble Empire). Sarah also speaks candidly about why she chose self-publishing over the traditional route, as well as the results of working with a hand-picked street team to launch her book.

In part one, Sarah Robinson and I sat down to talk about her own business evolution, as well as her book,  “Fierce Loyalty: Unlocking the DNA of Wildly Successful Communities”. This is part two of a three part interview, wherein we discuss Sarah's Fierce Loyalty Model (enhanced with graphics! Ooooh! Ahhhh!).

This is the first part of an hour-long interview with Author and Martha Beck-trained life coach, Sarah Robinson (here's part two). Her book, "Fierce Loyalty: Unlocking the DNA of Wildly Successful Communities" is available in paperback or Kindle format on amazon. You can read my thoughts on her book in this previous post.

In this episode, Sarah and I discuss the evolution of her business, from professionally trained actress to mom, to life coach, to business strategist and author. We talk about what Jonathan Fields calls "The Thrash": the seemingly constant evolution-branding-and-re-branding cycle that happens as we draw nearer and nearer to our Essential Why and sharing our True Voice with the world.