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Mindset and Mastery: The Key to Building a Profitable, Sustainable Business

Do you ever feel like you're stuck in a rut with your business? Are you struggling to find new clients or make the income you need to thrive? If so, you're not alone. Many creative entrepreneurs face these challenges, and it can be tough to overcome them especially when you're stuck in a "fixed" mindset.

I've often said that the mindset is more important than the mastery, and research bears this out. You don't need to be perfect and a total genius in order to succeed in business. As a creative entrepreneur, building a successful business is about more than just great ideas. It requires the right mindset - one that is positive, growth-oriented, and resilient in the face of challenges.

Because, hey... stuff happens. Plans go off the rails, and often, your goal isn't always THE goal.

Why is mindset so important?

Studies have shown that our thoughts and beliefs can have a profound impact on our success. When we believe in ourselves and our ability to succeed, we are more likely to take risks, persevere through obstacles, and achieve our goals.

On the other hand, a fixed mindset can lead to self-doubt, fear of failure, and a lack of motivation to take risks and try new things. This can ultimately hold a business back from achieving its full potential and reaching new heights.

I've seen this in many of my clients - brilliantly gifted, yet traumatized by old stories and false beliefs that keep them believing they're not good enough to be shine like the star they are.

It breaks my heart... and it doesn't have to be this way.

Growth mindset lessons from Moana

The Disney movie, Moana, is a great example of a character with a growth mindset. Despite the challenges and obstacles she faces, Moana looks for ways to learn and grow from her experiences. She also seeks out guidance from others and is open to new ideas and perspectives.

When Moana first leaves the island... well, let's just say navigation isn't her strong suit! But, instead of giving up, she seeks out the demigod, Maui for help. Maui initially dismisses her as an inexperienced child, but eventually learns to respect Moana's determination and resourcefulness.

And then there's Te Ka. At first, Moana tries to defeat the monster with brute force, but when she recognizes that the monster is actually Te Fiti (a goddess, NOT a monster!), Moana finds the way to save her island and her people.

So how can we cultivate a positive and growth-oriented mindset? Here are a few tips:

Practice self-awareness

When you're self-aware, you understand your strengths and weaknesses, you know what motivates you, and you're in touch with your values and purpose. That doesn't mean you always get it right, but it means you're learning about yourself in deeper ways. This knowledge helps you make better decisions, take calculated risks, and stay focused on your goals. Recognize when negative thoughts and beliefs are holding you back, and challenge them with positive affirmations and self-talk.

In the Cashflow Creator Workshop series, you'll spend time getting clearer on what's really important to YOU. You'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your business, and your goals.

Embrace "failure"

"Failure" is a natural part of the learning process, and can actually be a valuable opportunity for growth and improvement. I believe that failure is not the opposite of success, but rather an essential stepping stone on the journey. By embracing failure and using it to your advantage, you'll be better equipped to build a sustainable and thriving business that can weather any storm.

In our workshop, you'll look at what's been working (and not) in your business, and start to course correct - creating a new vision for your business that works better for how you're uniquely wired to work.

Surround yourself with positivity

Surrounding yourself with positivity is key to maintaining a growth mindset. I don't mean looking for "yes men" or bring all Pollyanna about tough situations. I mean creating an Environment of Empowerment that builds you up and helps you navigate the "hard" and celebrate your wins along the way.

Seek out supportive friends, mentors, and colleagues who believe in you and your vision. By being intentional about the people and communities we engage with, you can cultivate an environment that supports and uplifts you. There's nothing quite as validating as knowing there are people in the world who have your back!

In the workshop, you'll have the opportunity to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs who share your values and aspirations. You'll also have access to an experienced mentor (moi!) who can offer guidance and support as you navigate the ups and downs of building a sustainable business. With the support of a positive community, you'll be better equipped to overcome obstacles, celebrate successes, and stay motivated on your entrepreneurial journey.

Focus on your strengths

Instead of dwelling on your weaknesses, identify your unique talents and strengths, and find ways to use them to your advantage. By focusing on your strengths, staying in your zone of genius, and delegating tasks that don't align with you, you'll be able to operate at a higher level more consistently and achieve more in less time.

There are things that only you can do - or that only you can do YOUR way. Lean into that. Our workshop will provide you with tools and strategies to help you identify and embrace your strengths, so you can build a business that's not only profitable but also aligned with your values and passions.

Whether or not you join us in the workshop, by adopting these practices, you can start to shift your mindset from one of self-doubt and fear, to one of confidence and growth.

But I would be remiss if I didn't invite you to get all of this and more at the Cashflow Creator workshop! Our goal is to help you build a sustainable, thriving business that works for how you're wired to work. Don't let self-doubt and fear hold you back any longer! Join us and start cultivating the mindset you need to succeed.

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