5 Signs Your Creative Business Needs To Pivot

[Creative Freedom S6E10]

Pivot! It was one of the biggest buzzwords of 2020, thanks to the pandemic that shall not be named putting a monkey wrench into EVERYONE’S plans!

Not to brag, but I’ve been pivoting since before it was cool. I’ve probably done the pivot 5 or 10 times in my nearly 30 years online. I mean, nothing lasts forever and the only constant is change, right?

Last episode I talked about how Taylor Swift pivoted to a new music genre...and she’s not the only one. Fine artist Henri Matisse and lots of companies have started down one path, decided it’s not working for them (or has stopped working for them), and turned to something new.

So yes, pivots are a thing, and they absolutely CAN be done successfully, but how do you know if it is, in fact, time to pivot? Listen in to find out today.

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