Lisa Robbin Young

Ways a Social Media Strategy Boosts your Business

Over the past decade or so, the world has gone through a revolution in terms of internet marketing and social media. Nowadays, any business needs social media markets as a primary tenant of its overall marketing strategy. The fact is, social media gives businesses unprecedented access to customer data that was previously unheard of. It allows you to generate insights that can further boost your marketing strategy and develop a better understanding of your key customers. The fact is, by knowing your customer, you can connect with them and show how you add value to their lives. Let’s take a look at how social media can boost your business.

Humanizes your Brand 

One of the great things about social media is that it is social. By having an account, customers can engage with you and have real conversations and debates, which gives you the chance to show your human side, build trust and loyalty. Before social media, contact with organizations was limited, but now that has completely changed. Anyone from anywhere can ask you a question or make comments, both good and bad. However, every comment, no matter what the content, is an opportunity for you to show your human side. The best course of action is to comment quickly and appropriately, try not to ignore a bad comment. Use this as an opportunity to showcase your humanity, boost your brand, and your caring side. If anything is particulate personal or related to an individual case, offer to continue the conversation in private.  

Alignment with Core Values

Posting on special media goes you a chance to tell the world something about your brand personality and its core values. Your branding, in essence, can act as a foundation for all your marketing material, and there is no better place to show the world what our organization is about than by using social media. Posting gives you a chance to stay in contact with your audience and communicate regularly something of importance. Generally speaking, the best posts are ones that connect with your target audience in a specific way, be it emotive, thought-provoking, designed for engagement. As long as each post’s key message has a background within the core values of the brand itself, it will come across as authentic, and this again helps you build trust and loyalty. 


Social media is a great way to garner insights into your customer and the success of any given post. The engagement you get is valuable as all this can add to your understanding of your key customer. You can create polls if you want to learn about attitudes to certain things too. Moreover, by developing KPIs (key performance indicators) and using technology such as ai corporate solutions, you can better understand the success of certain posts, which will help you create better and more targeting marketing material going forward. Before you post on social media, you can set the right KPIs to monitor its success and see if it achieved what you wanted it to. 


Social media is becoming more essential for a business's overall marketing strategy. Without social media, a company will fall behind its competitors and will be unable to connect with its key customers in any meaningful way.

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