Lisa Robbin Young

How to Stop Holding Yourself Back

We like to think that we push ourselves forward, and we always strive to meet our potential. 

But actually, many of us are holding ourselves back. Hiding an incredible business idea, something we have been passionate about it for years - because we can’t make time, or we are afraid to explore our own potential. 

It’s time to put all of that aside, though. It’s time for you to stop holding yourself back.

Start making notes and sketches, slowly pull your business plan together - let yourself get excited about your idea. Envision bringing it to life - and what that would feel like. 
Talk to the people you will need to get your idea off the ground, from web design companies like WebX360 to social media gurus - who will you need on your team to make your dream work?

Here are just a few ways that we stand in our own way. 

People pleaser

When you put everyone else before yourself, it can lead to your feeling resentful - not only of others but of yourself. Not everyone around you needs to be happy at all times, and it is not your job to make it so. 

If you are guilty of needing to be liked - you are a people pleaser, and people-pleasing can mean we put what we want on the backburner. 

Next time somebody does something you don't like or asks you to get involved in a situation you're uncomfortable with, start to say no. Make sure you protect your own time. 


Nobody likes to fail; however, failure isn’t enough to put everyone off. Some go-getters will fail and won’t even break their stride. 

But if you are more inclined not to try anything at all just in case you fail, you’re holding yourself back. You are hindering yourself by avoiding risks in a bid to stay ‘safe.’

Often the worst-case scenario in our minds is nowhere near as bad as how the situation plays out, and in the end, we all fail from time to time. 

What is important is that you can learn from these failures and move forward. Failing forward can be a positive learning experience when it comes to business. 


There is a big difference between telling yourself you can do better and being too hard on yourself. It is often said that we are our own worst critics - if that rings true for you, then it’s time to take it easy. 

You can improve on what you are already doing slowly and with care. But if you keep criticizing yourself and putting yourself down, you will expect the same from other people. You are stopping you before you even start. 

If you want to reach your goals, you need to work on your self-esteem and confidence. 

You should not be afraid to fail, and you should know that if the only thing holding you back is you, it's time to get out of your way. 

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