Lisa Robbin Young

Four Ways to Streamline Your Creative Business

Streamlining your business processes doesn't happen overnight, and it might take some time to get it right. What is essential is that you understand there are plenty of benefits to be had once these workflows are improved. 

There are a couple of important places to improve and streamline your business processes. In the meantime, here are some quick ways to make that happen. 


Before you start making any changes, you need to assess all current workflows and processes. This will give you a better idea and understanding of what you need to do and the areas that could be hugely improved by streamlining.

Rank importance

You might be surprised just how many workflow processes you have within your business daily. But what you can do is make a ranked list of which one of the most important and which ones are the least important. This will give you the best idea of where you can start with your streamlining.

Where can you make simple streamlining changes?


Almost all businesses can benefit from outsourcing. You can outsource your entire IT support, marketing, and social media.

When outsourcing is done, you can help your business run more efficiently and grow steadily.

Outsourcing can assist small businesses to have easy to manage finances. It can also aid in containing the rising operational expenditures of specific departments inside larger corporations. 

If you think a part of your business could be more efficient, define the need and intended objectives, then look into possible solutions.


Gone are the days but all of your finances for your business should be handled personally. There are many different options for creating invoices dealing with your accounts payable and more. Companies like OnPay Solutions can help you manage many of your financial processes.

Paper Usage

We don't often consider paper usage is slow in any process; however, reducing your paper usage is one of the fastest ways to streamline your business. Paperwork can pile up quickly, increasing waiting times for your customers and internal requirements.

Take a look at what information you have on the paperwork and why it's needed. Could that paperwork have been created in a digital file? Is the paperwork important for the current job? 

The easiest way to reduce your paper usage is to employ a document management solution. This can help put all of the information at your employees' fingertips at all times. 

Document management systems usually have an easy-to-use platform that is simple to train all of your staff. This means that no matter what device they use, they will have access to the documentation they need.

Travel time

Do you need to travel back and forth between the office on your home? Or do you need to see all of your clients face-to-face? Often it is more convenient and much more efficient to have an online zoom or Microsoft teams meeting. So long as you list all the points you want to cover, this can be the fastest way to have a high-quality meeting.

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