Plans are useless, but planning is everything

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This is bonus episode 5 in an unscripted series of lessons learned from 25 years as a creative entrepreneur. You're getting 4 big lessons in a single episode as I gear up to lead you through the Fix This Next methodology. Can ya handle it?

President Eisenhower was right: plans are useless, but planning is everything. That said, you can't control the outcome, you can only influence it by what you do and what you choose not to do. Remember, too, that your goal isn't always THE goal, and if you want to achieve it, you need to be consistent. Consistency isn't sexy, but it works.

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2 responses to “Plans are useless, but planning is everything”

  1. […] Consistency is key when you're trying to get noticed. Without a consistent approach to your marketing, you will find it difficult to build any kind of recognition. Randomly posting on your social media accounts at odd intervals or dropping by to publish a monthly blog post won't get you far. I mean, it's better than nothing, and it will help boost your profile over time, but we're talking a LOOONG time! Finding a regular rhythm also helps your audience right-size their expectations about what to expect from you. It helps them build that much-needed know, like, and trust factor with you. […]

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