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Top 3 Profitable Business Models for Creative Entrepreneurs

[Creative Freedom S6E3]

We started talking about business models in our last episode. Don't let your eyes glaze over because whether you like it or not, you've already GOT a business model. So, it's important for you to have a better understanding of how they work and - more importantly - which business models are best for your creative entrepreneur type.

This week, we're taking a closer look at how each creative entrepreneur type can take advantage of these different business models. Sure, you can have any business model you want, but each creative type needs to focus on doing business in a way that's in alignment with their strengths.

That's what we're looking at in this episode.

The podcast "deep dive" this week shares an example of how a Chaotic Creative can transition from a product-based business model to one that is more profitable and capitalizes on the boutique nature of a high-touch, personalized business.

Check out the show to learn more.

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Podcast Show Notes

Inside this episode, we're talking about:

  • Three different business models and the pros and cons for each creative type
  • How Chaotic and Fusion creatives differ when choosing a product-based business model
  • Why you probably SHOULDN'T start with a hybrid business model

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