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Episode 1: The Six-Figure Deception

This is Season Four, Episode One. The one where you learn about what the Six-Figure Deception is, with real life examples, ripped from the world of online marketing. It's different than the Six-figure Illusion or the Six-Figure Distinction, which I've talked about before. This is about chasing (or falling for) vanity metrics.

I also take you behind the scenes in my own business and show you how we took the Creative Freedom Incubator from zero to a living wage in less than two years.

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If you’re listening to just the podcast, you’re only getting about a third of the deal. I’ve been doing Creative Freedom as a web series - we’re in our fourth season now, and we’re just now getting on the podcast bandwagon. We’re rolling out this new approach to reach you where you’re at.

Show Notes

00:40 - The 6 figure distinction vs. the 6-figure illusion

01:02 - What is the 6-Figure Deception?

02:06 - Vanity metrics and a real-life example from the publishing industry

03:18 - The financial breakdown of a shady, real-life example from a Facebook marketer

08:15 - The legal deception of an incomplete truth ("Sell the Sizzle - it's sexy!")

11:00 - My personal goal setting process, targeted on what really matters

12:30 - The ONLY metric that matters when your business is in Early Struggle

14:05 - The importance of careful experimentation (with a personal example)

19:45 - Plan. Do. Evaluate.

20:56 - Bottom line results vs. top-line vanity metrics

23:10 - Questions to ask yourself to get clarity on what you really need to track

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