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The March Madness Way To Prioritize Your Goals

My first year on Twitter, I generated over $30k in income that I could point directly back to Twitter. Not every year is that great, and each platform is different, but rather than over-committing myself to a zillion social media platforms, I've been pretty strategic about where and how often I post.

But what do you do when there's a new platform you want to try? It usually isn't smart to throw all your eggs into the new basket at the expense of what you've been doing... unless you've been on Digg or Xanga or something. 🙂

I've played around with live streaming a few times - my cousin's wedding, a couple of concerts, and a few sessions on Periscope back in the day.

But on the whole, I had too much resistance to make it meaningful.
What, me? Resistance? Well, yeah.

So my coach suggested I hop on Facebook Live and give it a try. Here's what happened:

I have a resistance to live streaming video

You might not know it to look at me, but I'm not very comfortable in front of a LIVE camera - especially when you've got to manage where to put your eyes. Do you look at the screen? Then you're looking at yourself (awkward). Do you look at the camera lens? Then you can't see the comments. Do you look at the comments? What if there aren't any comments?


I'm not very comfortable with improvising. Over the past few seasons of Creative Freedom, I've gotten pretty comfortable in front of the camera with a teleprompter. It keeps my eyes and my mind focused.

I've not yet figured out how to use one in a LIVE setting, so I still feel pretty uncomfortable.

So I decided to commit to an experiment

I want to break through my discomfort with live streaming and get a handle on Facebook Live in the process. So, I'm proposing an experiment. Each week, I'll be doing a live segment from somewhere in the world where I'll be answering your questions. Join me THIS Wednesday on my Facebook Page at 1pm Eastern/ Noon Central, as I answer an important question about whether or not you have to sell high-ticket items to be financially successful.

During the experiment, I may go live at various times during the day. I may not always be available at the same time every week. But if you follow my page, you'll always get updates.

Hope you'll join me!

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