How To Sell Without The Sleaze

[Creative Freedom S6E13]

I have an Incubator client right now that’s working on building their business, and they don’t have a large audience. Between fits of frustration around wanting to go faster and inspired ideas that need execution, we’ve been having conversations around who they serve and how to talk to them to stimulate sales without coming off as sleazy. As nice as it would be to just jump from a great business idea to loads of sales, it just very rarely works that way.

Could she walk up to every person she meets, introduce herself and offer her services? Sure. But she’d likely end up with more folks running screaming for the hills than she would new customers.

There’s probably nothing people hate more than to be sold to. And maybe you’re even thinking to yourself:

"I don’t want to be that slick, sleazy salesperson and have to push, push, push all the time just to keep my nose above water."

What can you do? Listen in below to find out!

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