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This Salsa dancer is living her dreams - and you can, too!

credit: Youtube.comEach time I go to my coach's weekend intensives, I always walk away with lots of ideas that pop like "popcorn" over the coming weeks. Sometimes they come in the most unusual ways.

For example, I was back in my hotel room, kind of winding down for the night. After a weekend like this, you can be emotionally raw, which means I can cry at the drop of a hat.

This video took me over the edge. Not only is it a powerful display of courage, but also conviction, commitment, and to staying the course when it comes to owning your dreams. Watch (you might need  tissue), and I'll share some key lessons after.

What an 80-year old Salsa dancer taught me about living your dreams


Aside from Paddy's obvious (and sometimes shocking) illustration that you're never too old to own your dreams, I also picked up a few other gems watching Nico hurtle this old woman around the stage:

1. It's about the love, not the Benjamins

Paddy says that while she'd love to win the contest, it's really about bringing joy to her audience. Owning your dreams has to be because you can't NOT do it - not because there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Stop chasing rainbows, and start spreading joy.

2. We all start out "slow and normal"

When Simon hit his buzzer less than 30 seconds into their routine, it was clear he didn't have the patience for what he called "slow and normal" - the very thing that sets the stage for extraordinary. We all start somewhere. Usually, it begins innocently and awkwardly, and we have a lot to learn as we master our craft. It takes practice, patience, and "slow and normal" is probably the healthiest way to make your dreams come true.

3. Some people won't have patience for you, until they see what's in it for them.

Simon was clearly too impatient and judgmental. He even apologized for it and recanted his premature buzzing. Ultimately he was able to see just how extraordinary Paddy and Nico are - so much so that they got a Golden Buzzer, ushering them straight to the semi-finals. Simon wasn't the only one, however. Did you see all the yawners and people who couldn't bear to watch, until it was so exciting that they couldn't bring themselves to look? Funny turn of events, no?

4. Some people will be inspired by you. Be grateful.

When the Golden Buzzer was pressed, and the confetti fell from the sky, it was clear that Paddy and Nico were a gifted and incredibly talented team. That buzzer is saved for the truly remarkable, and Amanda was so inspired, she pressed it. Then she went to the stage to continue to shower Paddy and Nico, both of whom were incredibly modest and gracious about the whole thing.

I've not been a big watcher of reality shows, nor talent shows in particular, but scenes like this give me hope - particularly as I plot my own audition for The Voice. As an artist, a creator, and someone passionately going for my dreams, it's inspiring for me to know that there are people out there waiting to be inspired by the gifts you have to share.

What did Paddy & Nico teach you?

What lessons or takeaways did you get from this video? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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