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BYOG Day 6 - Listening to Your Life

By Heather Shafer
[Editor's Note: This is Day Six of the Be Your Own Guru blog series. Heather is putting her mad skills as a Dream coach to the test today, to help you decode the little messages your life is giving you every single day.]
Hello Inspiring Souls! Very happy to be able to connect with you all! 
Do you believe that your life gives you messages? I do.
I believe we are constantly getting messages from our lives, but so often we are tuned into what we think things should sound like, that we are missing what they are actually saying now.

whispers of your soulI believe that our lives speak to us in many different ways, some more subtle than others.

  • Through our bodies
  • Through those whispers and tugs we get when our souls light up at an idea or desire. 
  • Through our environments
  • Our joy
  • Our anger
  • Our inspirations
  • Our frustrations
Our lives are constantly giving us messages in these ways and probably many others, too.
What might some of these areas "sound" like? Well they are going to be unique for each person as you are unique. However some ways these messages have showed up for me and others I know and work with are:
  • Discomfort in your body
  • Your Breathing feels forced or tight
  • That same idea (word, book, etc.)  keeps coming up
  • You just get this tug, this feeling of "yes," or curiosity of wanting to explore "it" some more. 
  • You are constantly craving something
  • You find yourself having an emotional reaction in a way that seems unexpected (An example for me: If I hear a song with a message that feels like my heart needed to hear, I just start crying.) 
  • Your space is in chaos. When I am what I refer to as "checked out" you can tell it by the way I do (or don't) take care of things around our apartment. My stress, anxiety, etc. shows up in my actual physical space. Maybe it's the same for you.
These are just some of the ways that your life might be talking to you.

One of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves is awareness.

Notice what inspires you, what you react to, what your body is saying, what your life is saying, what lights you up, what brings you down. Many of us have been sort of "asleep" to that part of our lives, because we simply had to numb it as a way to protect ourselves. Or we have become so busy that we are not slowing down and tuning in long enough to notice that there are any messages - much less having any idea what those messages might be. 
One of the best tools for this noticing this inspiration excavation is an Inspiration Journal.
This could be done in all sorts of ways. Here is a jumping off point with what has worked (and still does) for me.
  1. Get a notebook, journal or sketchbook whatever size feels right to you (make it appealing but not something so precious you just wont write or glue in it)
  2. Make notes of those things you would like to explore, what inspires you, words, quotes etc that inspire you or that you have a strong reaction to ( I often refer to these as Soul Notes). Gather images from magazines (through your phone or camera too) of things that inspire you. 
Just start gathering and noticing. More than likely you will start to notice patterns, themes or a common feeling in what you are gathering and noticing. Don't over think it, don't judge yourself just let yourself notice and gather.
It's all around and inside of you. Just give yourself permission, give yourself space and listen to your life. Who knows what beauty will be uncovered!
Here is to living Inspired, Creative and Empowered


heatherHeather Shafer is a certified Dream Coach, and an Inspiration/Authentic Living Coach. She believes that connecting to our deepest and most creative Selves is critical to living our best, most powerful, lives. Heather's purpose in life is to learn to express herself fully and authentically, and to inspire others to do the same. Her website features inspiring stories, tips and ideas to help you live an empowered life. You can also connect with Heather on Twitter and Facebook.

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