Lisa Robbin Young

A "Can't Put It Down" Story for Entrepreneurs!

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When Tina, a struggling small business owner, cashes in all her frequent flyer miles on a first-class flight, she meets an elderly business woman that offers her a gift - an old silver pocket watch. But this watch has a secret: the inscription changes each day, sharing messages of inspiration and challenging the owner to define success on their own terms.

Can Tina master the lessons of The Secret Watch and turn her business (and her life) around before time runs out?


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Inspired by her own "airplane encounter", Lisa wrote The Secret Watch for creative entrepreneurs that want to build a noble empire and live an inspired life. The inscriptions of The Secret Watch are timeless messages about real success.


Lisa Robbin Young is the founder of Ark Entertainment Media, a production company and business incubator for creative entrepreneurs. She was a storyteller from an early age. An award-winning writer before she graduated middle school, Lisa is also an accomplished performer and musician. She is currently working on a project to record 300 songs. Her third full-length album, The Fine Line is a collection of pop-infused jazz and blues tunes. Her newest book, Creative Freedom: How to Own Your Dreams Without Selling Your Soul is a guide to personal and financial success as a creative entrepreneur.

Lisa's also faced the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur for nearly 20 years. Since building one of the first-ever e-commerce websites in the early 1990's, Lisa's business experience spans a diverse array of creative industries. She's also an advisor to authors, artists, and creative entrepreneurs, helping them to build a noble empire and live an inspired life.

Praise for The Secret Watch

“WOW - In her first effort as a published author, Lisa Robbin Young stepped up to plate and hit it outta' the park. A 'can't-put-this-book-down' story combined with success wisdom of the ages. Could there be anything better? For those who love both reading and learning about success... probably not. My only problem with the story is that it had to end. I actually found myself reading slower just to make it last longer.
- Bob Burg, coauthor of The Go-Giver & author of Endless Referrals,

“I Love it. Can't stop reading. Nothing has moved me this way in a long time. I am starving for stories like this. Pitch perfect.”
- Amy Oscar, Senior Features Editor, Woman's World Magazine, author of Sea of Miracles,

"Entrepreneurs everywhere will empathize with Tina's struggles from releasing heart-felt products into the world to working with clients whose lives you are striving to improve. It's not always easy to share that learning with others: that's part of what makes Lisa Robbin Young's business parable The Secret Watch such an engaging guide for the journey. She tells it like it is and leaves you wanting more."
- Dave Ursillo, speaker & author of Lead Without Followers

“The Secret Watch is a parable especially for entrepreneurs and solo-preneurs; If you’re one, you’ll easily recognize the “Tina” in you. And like Tina, you should take the timeless messages of the watch to heart and use them to get out of your stuck places. When you do, you’ll discover a whole new world of opportunities.
- Annie Bartlett, solo-preneur

“The Secret Watch is a wonderfully compelling story that leaves the reader wanting to develop the types of relationships that Lisa's characters have. The messages revealed throughout the story, and the way they impact and instruct the main character, left me looking at ways to weave these same lessons into my own life.”
-Rick Brown, Founder, Rick Brown Communications,

A beautiful story about the greatness in each of us. And how embracing -- and growing -- that greatness can lead to riches more valuable than gold!”
- Chris Harney, Rendi National Field Developer & direct sales coach,

“I absolutely recommend you read The Secret Watch as soon as you can. You will be gripped, dying to see what happens next. Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down and had to finish it in one sitting - very rare for me nowadays!”
- Carol Dodsley,

“The Secret Watch tells a story that is bigger than what it looks like at first glance. An enjoyable read with lots of inspiration!”
- Tea Silvestre, Small Business Marketing Coach,

“I plan on writing all the inscriptions on a piece of paper and picking one out everyday!”
- Laurie LaFalce, Division Manager, Park Lane Jewelry

“The Secret Watch teaches not only lessons of life, love and business, but it also has certain metaphysical qualities that are just subtle enough and obvious enough to catch the older philosopher's attention.”
- Josh Alward, student

Success principles my way! I love that the author didn’t go with the same predictable format but decided to make the reader use their own mind to think it through. And a female main character? It's about time! Powerful and well worth the read. Well done!”
- Lisa M. Wilber, Avon Sr. Executive Unit Leader,

“I loved the story line. I laughed, I cried and wrote all the inscriptions in my journal. I would recommend this book to career individuals, to young adults who have just completed college and about to start their careers entrepreneurs, especially if they are already parents.”
- Shana Barnett, online marketing consultant & web developer,

“The book was delightful. I was actually sorry to have it end.”
- John Skowronek, OSHA Trainer & Consultant, Square One Solutions,

Once I started reading The Secret Watch I couldn't stop: it was moving and wonderful . . . and like reading about a part of myself. I loved the lessons, beautifully wrapped in the story of the watch and a woman's desire to become 'more' -- for herself and for her family.”
- Melissa H. Dery, Administrative Consultant, Owner,

“The Secret Watch is a delightful story about living with intention. The lessons are timeless and simple…. be hopeful, trust that you are where you are meant to be, be open to the possibilities and the people who have been placed in your path. Nothing is by accident. The entrepreneur heroine grasps the potential of her life and passes the baton with gratitude.”
- Nancy Korzyniewski, Direct selling coach and trainer, former field services manager,

"Lisa Robbin Young’s book “The Secret Watch” is written from a rare place of love, compassion, empathy & hard-eyed business sense. Lisa knows how to tell a story, she creates believable characters and each chapter contains bits of business and personal wisdom that are instantly usable.

"The best kinds of wisdom are those that, upon reading, you say to yourself, “Hmm, that’s so simple. I should have known that.” Lisa’s book is filled with those “Hmmm” moments.

"Read this book. Incorporate two pieces of wisdom per week into your life from The Secret Watch. And then, just watch what happens."
- David Stanley, teacher, athlete, cancer survivor,

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